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April 18, 2013

Today's Comic

April 18, 2013

First off, for those who haven't heard, a fertilizer plant exploded in the town of West, Texas, last night. West is a small town, one I stop through every time I head to Austin. Originally a Czech settlement, there's a wonderful bakery there and lots of other places to get some great food. The damage done to West is going to be hard for them to rebound from and West's citizens are going to need helping hands to pick of the pieces. If you'd like to help, contact the Red Cross to see what can be done.

It's been a hell of a week, huh? Here's hoping, for all our sakes, things start picking up.

So, I'm about to head off to Bloomington, Minnesota, for Anime Detour. I was last there in 2009. It's a show full of wonderful attendees, great guests (including Clarine Harp of Funimation, one of my best friends who I've known forever and used as the inspiration for Aubrey) - it's a generally great show.

Sooooo it sucks that the show's website shows registration being at 100% and you can't get a pass now.

I generally don't do reader gatherings when I'm a at conventions. If I'm a guest of the show, and they're footing the bill to have me there, it's a slap in the face to bypass them. This is a weird situation, though. I mentioned this idea earlier, but tonight I'm going to see if the convention is okay with me doing a reader gathering while I'm in town. If they say yes, tomorrow I will announce when and where that will be on this blog (honestly, probably the hotel lobby or bar). But only if the show's okay with it. I'm a guest in their house, I don't wanna shit on the carpet.

See ya tomorrow. -R.

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