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April 30, 2013

Today's Comic

April 30, 2013

Hey, Dallas/Fort Worth folks! This Saturday I'll be at Zeus Comics in Dallas (which has moved to Inwood) for Free Comic Book Day. I'll be doing free sketches, screwing things up by selling my non-free stuff, and hanging out.

Other guests will include Phil Jimenez (Amazing Spider-Man, Fairest, Infinite Crisis), Stephen Sadowski (Avengers, JSA, Warlords of Mars), Peter Mayhew (the actor who played Chewbacca - it will be May the Fourth, after all), Robert Wilson IV (Knuckleheads), Chad Thomas (Megaman), and David Hopkins (Karma Incorporated, Astronaut Dad).

ALSO, opening next door that day will be a new gaming shop called Common Grounds Gaming, run by a friend of mine from high school/the BBS days. Hope to see some of you there. -R.

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