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May 2, 2011

Today's Comic
Always Something New

May 3, 2011

Lotsa stuff going on, but first the most important thing. As almost everyone here knows, last week Alabama was wrecked by tornadoes. A lot of people lost everything they had and need help. We can help them by giving to organizations like the Red Cross. If you were in their situation, you'd want the help. Hell, so would I.

Related to this, any time there's a disaster there are people who see suffering and use it as an opportunity to swindle others. Scams pop up left and right and it's hard to know which charities to trust or even get the job done. In that case, I recommend Charity Navigator. It shows you how much of a charity's funds go to overhead, how much goes to helping people, and offers ratings and reviews. It's never a bad idea to be skeptical but don't let that prevent you from helping those who need it. The response to skepticism isn't inaction. It's education.

Okay - now on to me stuff. Well, not quite at first. So I've a friend named Amy up in Boston. She's kinda awesome. How awesome? I used her as the inspiration for Rumble Bee in "Super Stupor." She even has a Rumble Bee costume. No kidding. She also does burlesque with the Slaughterhouse Sweethearts who, wouldn't ya know it, will be performing at the Coolidge Corner Theatre this Saturday, May 7th. Go by and enjoy the show if you're local!

But if you're here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, like me, I'll be at Zeus Comics this Saturday for Free Comic Book Day from 11am til whenever I'm told to leave. I don't have free comics, but I do give out free sketches. I'll have stuff for sale, too. It's free to come in and there will be other cartoonists there as well. Come by! -R.

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