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May 4, 2018
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Today's Comic

A Convention... Maybe.

May 7, 2018, 2017

So, yeah. I decided to try to do a local comic convention here in Savannah called Savannah Mega Comic Con (not to be confused with Savannah Comic Con). I paid an artist table back in November. I generally don't mention any convention I'm going to until I've been given my table assignment, that way I can tell people where to find me. Makes sense, right?

Well, if I did that this time, I would never post about the convention at all. After multiple attempts to get that info, this is what I was told via email on Saturday: "We are not numbering the artist booths because we don't have a layout of the room to correctly get the tables lined up. Load in will be at 6 am and your tables will have your name on them"

... what?

Okay, so I've been doing conventions for this comic since the start of 2003. Not as long as a lot of people, but long enough, and this is a new one on me. Another artist told me via twitter this is something they've run into lately with smaller conventions. Is this the new thing? "We haven't even seen the space so you'll just find out where you are when you show up"? It impedes the artists' ability to promote themselves. Attendees, from my experience, like knowing where to find people.

And I should say, yes, I've had conventions wait til the last minute to tell me where I'd be before, but in almost all of those circumstances I was a guest of the convention. That meant they brought me out and put me up on their dime, and usually gave me a table on the house. I find myself a lot more relaxed on the subject when I'm there by someone's kindness. This is a table I paid for. Mind you, I chose the show because of convenience - it's a few miles from my home and just Saturday and Sunday, so my wife can hang out with the baby (because damned if I'm bringing a baby to a convention). Obviously, for all I know, this may be beyond their control, but literally the only reason I found out was I asked... more than once.

So... yeah. I'll probably be at Savannah Mega Comic Con here in Savannah, Georgia, on Saturday and Sunday, if you happen to be at that show. If not, don't sweat it. I'm honestly not even sure I want to go now because the whole thing is making me feel really uneasy. I'll put it this way: Don't come just to see me 'cuz if I wake up Saturday morning and realize I don't have the patience for this crap, there's a good chance I'll just spend the day taking care of my kid instead. At least her shit is usually expected and contained.

Incidentally, this won't be my only convention this year. I'm just cutting back a lot. But the two coming up I know of (in August and November) I'm actually pretty excited about 'cuz there's a lot of good people involved. -R.

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