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May 19, 2006

Today's Comic
Three Gatherings and a Funeral Podcast

May 22, 2006

First off, a pimping: go give The Zombie Hunters a look. It's a young webcomic, still in its infancy, which only means it'll be easier to catch up on. The art's grand and I like what's there so far. Hopefully you will, too.

I seriously don't remember a damn thing from this month. Considering I spent it sober, that's a bad thing. Anyway, I have a place to live and will be moving there soon. I will again have roommates, one of whom is Josh - aka my ads manager - aka Jason from the comic. This will be interesting, living in an apartment with a sword or other weapon in almost every room (actually, a lot more than one per room). Wheee!

So, yeah - Clarine Harp, the basis for Aubrey, will be in Boston for Anime Boston this week. I'm excited, to say the least. Sadly, I can't make the con as this is the last weekend for the show I'm in (hint, hint). I'd asked Clarine if she was opposed to a reader gathering on Thursday and she seemed okay with it. So, I'm hoping to get the details for a reader gathering nailed down by late tonight - someplace T accessable and NOT Diesel Cafe. I'm open to ideas. This is a chance for a lot of you to meet Clarine (and I'm going to try to bug Josh into coming - and maybe even Claire). I'll keep you posted.

Sadly, my friend Diva (or as you know her, Dr. D. Iva) won't be able to make a Thursday gathering as she's got work. She's also been trying to get me to go watch her perform at Rocky Horror for a while - and it just so happens she's performing this Saturday night. It's very likely I'll be going to this performance - if I do, or end up attending her next performance, I was thinking about making a reader outing of it... because, frankly, misery demands company the more, the merrier! More on that tomorrow-ish...

Also, it looks like I will soon be in Richmond, Virginia, to visit Rinny and when this happens, we've also discussed doing a reader gathering there. Again, dunno WHERE to hold this - but I get enough emails about people upset that I only do reader gatherings in places they can't reach, and there seems to be interest. Once I know when I'll be there, I'll nail it down better. Again, suggestions are VERY welcome.

Oh, and on an upcoming episode of KeenCast, I'm a guest - along with someone else "special." I will warn you, I was a lot more surly on this little podcast than normal. Oh, I'm sure there will be complaints - especially since my usual rule of "don't blow up about other webcartoonists on S*P" only counts on this site, and not someone else's.

And when it comes to webcomics as a whole and "community," oh how I blow up.

Okay - now I eat breakfast and draw ugly pictures for you. Wheeee! -R

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