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May 20, 2006

Today's Comic
Pimping; and Meet the Real Aubery in Cambridge

May 24, 2006

First off, a new comic: Home on the Strange. It's young so catching up will be easy.

Everyone was pretty quiet about where a Boston Meet should be held tomorrow, so I left it up to Clarine. She wants scorpion bowls, which means we're going to the bar on the second level of the Hong Kong in Harvard Square. Clarine wants to meet there at 7pm. We'll be there until she gets bored. Sadly, this means people under 21 won't be able to get in. Sorry about that. But Clarine = Drinking. She'll also be at Anime Boston all this weekend. And, as usual, if you go to the reader meet-up tomorrow night, I'll bring paper to do free fast sketches. Josh (the real Jason) MIGHT be there. We'll know soon. -R

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