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May 24, 2011

Today's Comic
A Little Bit of Skin

May 24, 2011

First off, I'll be at Phoenix Comicon this Thursday through Sunday (May 26-29) where I'm sharing a table with Spike of Templar, AZ and Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots. We won't be the only webcartoonists there, either. Frank and Becky of Tiny Kitten Teeth and Joel Watson of Hijinks Ensue will also have tables. Come by - and don't forget that Danielle, Spike, and I are gonna have a panel on Saturday from 1:30-2:30pm called "The Wonderful World of Webcomics." Come check it out, get sketches, by stuff, look at my beard (look with your eyes - and if you try to pull that "I'm blind" stuff, you better have evidence or witnesses).

Now, on to another matter. This is the tenth year of S*P. Nine years ago this week I got a PayPal donation button and a lot of kindness was shown. To thank readers, I did an S*P Swimsuit Issues. People seemed to like it. Well, I think stickin' around for nine years (or any number of years, really) is an act of kindness itself and I wanna thank you - so I'll be doing another swimsuit issue starting next week (Wednesday probably). It'll be in the same vein as the original (jokes) but will also include Super Stupor characters. Just my way of saying thanks for reading. It means a lot to me. -R.

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