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June 1, 2010
Randy and Clarine will be guests at Tokyo in Tulsa in Oklahoma, June 18-20 - click here for details

Today's Comic
Six Years of Self-Employment

June 16, 2010

Haven't done one of these in... well, for-fuckin'-ever.

At any rate, sorry about that. Haven't been feeling very social in 2010. Dunno why. Anyway, some news, etc.

First off, the most obvious thing - my dear friend Clarine Harp (voice actress, basis of Aubrey) and I will be guests at Tokyo in Tulsa this weekend, June 18-20th, in (where else) Tulsa, OK. Come by, get a free sketch from me, buy some merchandise, help me pay rent - usual fun stuff!

And speaking of bitches gettin' paid, this Friday will be my sixth year of self-employment! I'm pretty excited. The only downer is that this is also the week that the comic "Little Orphan Annie" was canceled by its syndicate - and in the middle of a storyline, no less. I'd stopped reading it years ago, but it still sucks. According to one NPR report, it may have a life in e-readers, etc. But still. Oh well.

I'm trying to figure out a way to celebrate the 6th Year of Doing S*P For a Living. Since I'll be at a con, not working is, well, not an option.

Oh - for those of you in Boston and therefore unable to see me in Tulsa, wonderful news! I've got something you can do this weekend to pass the time! My old Rocky cast, the Teseracte Players of Boston, will be shadowcasting "Dr. Horrible" at the 5th Annual "Can't Stop the Serenity" event. As I'm a lazy bastard, lemme just lift straight from the press release:

"'Can.t Stop the Serenity' is a global fundraising effort to benefit Equality Now. Equality Now works to end violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world through the mobilization of public pressure. You can find more information about the global event at

This year, we will have 2 different special nights of events. On Friday, June 18th we will be screening Joss Whedon's award-winning Internet musical sensation Dr. Horrible.s Sing-Along Blog featuring a shadowcast performance of both Dr. Horrible and Commentary: the Musical by The Teseracte Players of Boston. On Saturday June 19th we will be screening Joss Whedon.s 2005 film Serenity. Both events will start at midnight.

"Admission for each night will be $15 in advance and $20 the day of the show. A special 2-night combo ticket will be available for $25 available in advance only. Tickets are now available at the Coolidge Corner Theatre Box Office or online at Details on the event will be listed and updated at"

Okay, that was a lot of info. You can learn more about the New England Browncoats from their website, and more about Teseracte from theirs.

Anyone else I should be pimping for? Probably, but I'm so tired I can't remember who. Anyway, again, thank you all for helping me make six years of self-employment through buying stuff, reader donations, and spreading the word of my comic. I appreciate it. Now, back to work for me. -R.

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