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June 7, 2008

Today's Comic
Potted Fox Sale to Replaced Damaged Tent

June 13, 2008

My friends at Potted Fox had a run of storm related bad luck. As a result, here's your chance to get some goods at a discount (while it lasts). In their own words:

"At Silver Kingdom Ren Fest halfway between first and second weekends, Potted Fox's booth tore apart. The Fox has done what she can to move toward repairing the damage to stagger through this show, but considering the weather later in the summer and fall, doesn't think the patch is going to hold up well enough to make it through to next season. In order to fund a new tent, we're shaking up a sale.

Everything that is currently in stock is 10% off. (A current stock list to follow shortly.) Further, there will be a 10% discount on all bodices and jerkins ordered between now and the end of July. Straight up donations to the Tent Fund are also gravely appreciated.

Stay tuned for news.
Potted Fox Studios and their Sad Pavillio"

Monday comes a post from me - but I wanna get it alltogether. -R

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