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June 15, 2008

Today's Comic
Summer Stuff Goin' On

June 26, 2008

Most important stuff first: I've mentioned Tom Smith here more than once. He's a great filk singer (no, I didn't misspell "folk") and genuinely one of the nicest people alive. He's also having a lot of medical problems, and that means medical bills. Cartoonist and filker Rob Balder is spearheading a project to help raise money for Tom's bills. Give a donation and you'll get access to over 40 songs, all covers of Tom's stuff by other filk singers. If you're into the filk scene, this is a pretty nice deal. If you've ever had the fortune of meeting Tom at a convention, you know just want an impressive and giving person he is. If you can help out, all of us who love him would greatly appreciate it.

On a different note, in a week I'll be at PortConMaine in Maine (July 4-6 to be exact). If you can, come by and get a free sketch and say hi.

And closing out the news is merchandise stuff. The "Spay Your Catgirl" posters are back after many people requested them. Also, I'm having a "holy shit I'm moving in a couple of months and I'm havin' some oral surgery in July" sale. Details on which shirts are covered can be found here, as well as how much I'm knockin' off the prices (the shirts on sale range from $6.95 to $9.95 for sale prices - shipping not included). The sale goes through August 13th. -R

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