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June 26, 2009

Today's Comic
A Quick Thanks and Stuff

June 26, 2009

Three news posts in a week. Hot damn!

I'm fighting temptation to end the post there.

Anyway, I wanted to thank the people who've dropped tips for the 6x9 cards. So you know, I'm picking them up from the printer on Monday and hope to have them out the next day. I'll be emailing those who've helped out

I'll be doing these for a little while longer because - well, like I said, there are bills to pay - so if you're one of the people emailing and concerned this while vanish in a week, don't worry. I'm trying to get some other stuff for people who've donated extra. I'll talk about that Monday. This weekend I might be doing filler strips from (ugh) when I was a teenager. Yeah, comics I drew at age 17 for a Christian Magazine called T.Q. They didn't seem to mind my lack of agreement and I didn't mind their paychecks, so all's well. But that's a big if. I'd really like to have the weekend to finish off either Super Stupor #2 or ... something else, as well as getting extras for tippers.

So yeah. That's it. Sorry, no links or stuff. And why do people keep emailing and asking what I think about Michael Jackson dying? Why does anyone care what I think about him? Honestly I'd only be concerned if he owed me money... and then you better fuckin' BELIEVE I'd be collecting. -R.

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