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July 18, 2018

Today's Comic

Finally, First Convention of 2018

July 19, 2018

First off, let me promote a few people I know.

The ever awesome Starline Hodge of Candi Comics has another comic running called Rubi Whipple, written by Spenser Stark. She's 106 strips in, so you've got a bit to read. But who doesn't love fun comics about witches?

And keeping it in the paranormal spectrum, my convention wife, Danielle Corsetto (of Girls With Slingshots), and Monica Gallagher of Eat Your Lipstick, have a comic they're doing together called Boo! It's Sex! If you've been jonesing for Danielle's work, go read it. If you love Monica's work, go read it. If you're unfamiliar with either, READ ALL OF THEIR WORK... please.

And Lindsay Ishihiro of How Baby, whose art also appears in the game Dream Daddy, has a new comic going as well, called Motherlover. Like all of her work, the art's stunning. And it's only in Chapter 2 so you don't have much to read to catch up.

So, yeah, I'll be at GenCon 2018 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN, August 2-5.. Like years past, I'll be in Blind Ferret's booth, which this year is booth 2129. Nearby you'll see a lot of awesome webcomic folks like Alina Pete of Weregeek, Sam Logan of Sam and Fuzzy, Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content, and a few more that I need to double check on before I tell people they're going to be there. Oh, and DANIELLE CORSETTO. After years of people asking me if she was going to attend GenCon, she's finally going to be there. Come by, see her, and give her money... after you give me money.


There's one more convention coming up for me but I need to double check I can announce it. It'll be late in 2018, but it will also be west coast. So yay! -R.

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