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August 1, 2007

Today's Comic
Stuff You Need To Know

August 1, 2007

First, some Fandemonium stuff. Tomorrow I'll hopefully have info on where I'll be in the Artists' Alley during the con and my schedule. Oh, and I will be running a GURPS Bunnies & Burrows game.

So, stuff you need to know. Yeah, as per today's comic, there will be a guest appearance in S*P. Yeah, it's who you think it is. And yeah, in the next few weeks, Midnight Macabre is picking up right where it left off - and I plan on doing it by filling in the gaps from where I left off. The problem with MM has been, as I mentioned in the past, it was made as a gift for someone else and it was awkward to try and pick it up. I've found a new reason to work on it now, finally divorcing it from my past... besides, my dad asked me to do something with less foul language since he's reading my stuff now and I figured I should be a good son for him at least once in my life. I'm shooting for a relaunch on August 13th. Cross your fingers.

As for the other one?... one thing at a time, please.

Oh, here's a little big of funny news. Did you know the misspelling of our url,, is owned by someone? And no other version (.com, .org, .tv) - just I almost feel important when someone felt the need to buy the most commonly misspelled version of my URL. Woot.

And, finally - S*P is looking for a new host. This is something I've been putting off for a while. It boils down to constant problems wit Burton Hosting - at least once a month I'm having to ask them why people can't connect to my site - like clockwork. Last month it was every other week. Frankly, I'm tired of having to field questions from readers over it (although I need to know when there are problems) and I'm sick of the staff at Burton either ignoring my complaints, trying to pull some bullshit, "Are you SURE there's a problem? Maybe all the people emailing you about it are mistaken," or an array of other condescending stuff. When I left Speakeasy in mid 2004 (another nightmare I must say), Burton was amazing. Since around November of 2006, however, the service has been abysmal - and considering how much money I'm putting into my servers a month (it's almost the same as I pay in rent) there's really no excuse for it.

This means, in the near future, there will be a weekend when the site will be down. I'll be sure to let all of you know in advance so I don't get panicked, "DID YOU QUIT THE COMIC" emails like when I changed from Webslum to Speakeasy or from Speakeasy to Burton. Hopefully this will be as painless as possible.

And before you offer me space on your server, S*P (and just S*P) goes through almost 700 gigs a month - and honestly I'm not the biggest fan of taking free webhosting. I've heard horror stories in the past from other cartoonists.

This move won't affect Rhymes With Witch or Punch An' Pie (which I host on a different server). The time will come, of course, that they'll be moved, too, but I wanna do one thing at a time and S*P's going to be the bigger headache.

And I've gotta admit - I am notlooking forward to this. There's nothing as annoying as dealing with providers when you're looking for hosts. I remember, when the Speakeasy misery began, getting such stellar offers as a server that I had no shell access to (I do everything in pico - everything - all the HTML is done by hand), limited control over the server, an insulting douchebag running the server who was "concerned" I'd destroy his provider single-handedly because only he could grasp Unix (I've been using it since 1994), and all it was going to cost me was a percentage of my ad revenue.

Yeah... I can't fuckin' wait.

And I realize I'm asking for trouble by saying this BEFORE I leave Burton, but fuck it and fuck them. If you're thinking about webhosting or a dedicated server, please - keep looking past them. They're really not worth the headache. -R

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