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August 5, 2009

Today's Comic
Almost Two Weeks Later and My Legs Still Hurt

August 5, 2009

First things first: if you live in Boston area and are wanting to scream at a movie screen this weekend, my friends on both Teseracte Players of Boston and Full Body Cast will be joining up at FBC's home theate in Harvard Square for a good ol' shadow casting of "Rocky Horror Picture Show." It won't be the same without my furry mass in gold shorts but hey - it's somethin'! Details are on Teseracte's website.

Also, the second issue of Super Stupor came in time for SDCC and people seemed happy about it. I will have the last of the pre-orders out by tomorrow morning (had a few more than expected, but I'm not complaining). For those who've asked: no, it's not just reprints of strips that've been on the site. Of the 40 pages, 3 contain old strips - the rest of the book builds stories off those strips. And it's on fancy glossy paper now, too! Oooh la la!

I wanted to thank everyone who came by and said hi at Comic-Con this last year. And, yes, my truck's fine now. Dropped about $300 to get it fixed and that was something I could have done without, but it happens. Every reader who came by and said hi was really nice. Only three dickheads and none of them were readers of my comic (always a bonus). There was an additional frustration with the people from Titmouse (the people who gave Adult Swim "Metalocalypse") and their apparent inability to have lackeys who know what the fuck their talking about and NOT waste people's time but I'll get into that tomorrow.

I met a lot of cool people this year, including Keith Knight, Shannon Wheeler, Miriam and Mike of Real Gone Girl - in fact, somewhere I think there's footage of my stuffing Mike and the every amazing Stephen Notley of Bob the Angry Flower in the covered and quite locked bed of my truck and driving them across town in the dead of night while Keith stares on in confusion.

... good times.

Seriously, thank you to everyone who came by and said hi - reader, cartoonist, industry person. It was wonderful seeing all of you. I'd say more but I only left the booth like three times and saw none of the convention except a cool Dalek.

And now I shall look for food and work on Super Stupor #3. WHEEE! -R.

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