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August 5, 2010

Today's Comic
Bian and Beyond

August 16

Woo. Where to begin. Oh, I know. With prostituting myself.

First, con stuff: I'll be at Dallas Webcomics Expo this comic Saturday, August 21st, in Dallas. Come by, get free sketches, marvel at my beardless chin, and buy stuff.

Speaking of buying stuff... Lotsa stuff going on in the store this month. First off, Super Stupor #3 is available. Like the other two issues, it takes a strip from the archive and builds a new story off of it. Also, Super Stupor #2 is on reprint pre-order - and you can even order a bundle and get a surprise gift. Or take advantage of the "Randy is Lazy" offer through Friday (Aug. 20th) and order Super Stupor 2, 3, or one of the two Super Stupor bundles as "unsigned" and save a buck or two.

Not a fan of books? How about art? We have a new poster called "8-Bit Inferno," a retelling of the final canto of Dante's Inferno... with 8-bit and coin-op characters. The poster is also part of the "Randy is Lazy" sale. But if you prefer prints, there are five new prints taken from watercolors - including"Medusa's Songbird, Unicorns Cheat," "Robo Wants," "The Waiting Maw," and "The Jellyfish's Promise." Yoc can even order all five and save a few bucks.

Okay, enough of that. I'll be whoring myself more throughout the week. Now, let's talk about this past storyline - "Unfamiliar Faces."

Now, in the footnote of the first strip of the arch I said that neither of the character to appear had appeared before. In fact, until the final panel of Part 5, none of the characters who appeared had ever appeared before in S*P. Yes, more than a few people either didn't read the footnote (it happens) or were convinced I was trying to trick them and these characters HAD show up before (no, I really wasn't). That being said, I will answer a few common questions I've gotten.

First, Bian's name is pronounced like "Beyond" but if you dropped the "d" at the end.

Second, yes, Bian will be showing up more later.

Third, no, Davan will not be cheating on Vanessa with her nor will Vanessa be cheating on Davan with Bian. In fact, Bian will be having absolutely NO romantic interactions with any currently established characters in S*P. If you whine about spoilers, I don't care. I just got a LOT of panicked emails about how Bian was going to be a homewrecker or something.

Beyond this, I'm not explaining why she's in the strip. She's just here. Time will tell.

Am I forgetting anything? Oh yes. You should be reading the new webcomic from Jon Rosenberg, "Scenes From a Multiverse." More later. -R..

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