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August 13, 2007

Today's Comic
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August 13, 2007

So much stuff. First off, Greg Fishbone. Greg, like the esteemed Eric Burns is someone I knew from the all-but-defunct Superguy. He's a good man and a great writer. And whattaya know - he's gotta book coming out. Give the man a shot.

Also, sadly, I was invited to Sugoicon in Kentucky but as no one's replied to emails or voicemails of accepting the invite, I'm not going after all. I'm not sure if there was a staff changeover or they simply regretted inviting me - but I won't be in Kentucky this November after all. Sorry, guys.

So - today's S*P - yeah, this is a comic I actually wanted to do in Year One - it was going to be Choo-Choo Bear's first appearance outside the original storyline that introduced him but I could never find the right punchline as Jhim and PeeJee watched Davan struggling with the cat. Apparently it was just needed more Fred.

Oh - the RWW pre-orders have been placed so hopefully I'll have the shirts and stuff before too long. Rinny gets home tomorrow and she'll be helping me with RWW orders. Huzzah!

And also, tomorrow, in the news item, I'll be bringing back the S*P Random Art Grab Bag. I won't be doing the garage sale again - it was a bit of a clusterfuck. I'll do a PayPal link (but you'll also be able to do snail mail orders). I've got a LOT of S*P art I'd like to get rid of - and you guys treat my art nicer than I do. Lemme know if there's interest.

Oh - and one more thing is comin'... all I'll say is this: Choo-Choo Bear Corset. -R

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