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August 15, 2006

Today's Comic
I wanna be sedated.

August 25, 2006

First, a reminder: a week from now I will be at Anime Fest in Dallas (September 1-4th). I'll be there for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. A lot of other people will be there, too, like Robert and Emily DeJesus (amazing artists) and the voice actress, Monica Rial. Last year Anime Fest was wonderful - I even got my own S*P panel with Clarine which I was drunk for. Please show up to Anime Fest - or I'll be sad.

Sad cartoonists do little work. They're too busy rolling around in snow.

The comic was delayed, sadly, because of my car adventures yesterday. There are some repairs I've been needing to do. Well, I got them done. Now my hood closes and my Check Engine Now You Fuck light is off. I managed to drive two miles from the mechanic, too, before my front left tire came apart. Two weeks ago, my rear left tire did the same thing - only worse.

See, that's funny because it's not YOU.

Anyway. Under the comic on the front page, I now link to the previous five comics for ease of use. I even put a hyperlink you can click on to go straight to them in case you don't want to see the current comic before you read them. Is this something people like? If not, I'm removing it. If so, I'll keep it. And implement it in the site redesign I've been occasionally poking at since... er.. March.

... yeah, March.

I'm catching up on emails right now. I'll probably be completely unable to reply to any Monday through Thursday and I'm backlogged by... a lot. It's down to three digits, though. GO TEAM! So, please hang tight - especially you wonderful, wonderful donors. Oh, how I love you.

... I'd kill for you.

There was more I was going to say today but I can't remember what it is. So, er... hi. -R

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