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August 22, 2006

Today's Comic
Conward Ho

August 30, 2006

Hey everyone. I thought I'd post my con schedule for Anime Fest in Dallas this weekend. Remember, if I'm not in a panel I'll be in the vendor room (I think...) and I won't be there on Monday. Also, don't forget I do free fast sketches and if you bring me a blank Munchkin card, I'll draw on that, too. Hope to see you there. -R.

AnimeFest Dallas 2006 Schedule
Day Time Room Panel Name
Friday 6pm PR2 Webcomic Vs. Manga
Saturday 5pm PR4 Webcomic panel
Saturday 7pm PR3 S*P (Does this mean I need to get drunk again?)
Sunday 5pm PR4 Webcomic panel

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