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August 23, 2009

Today's Comic
Stuff Goin' On

August 24, 2009

Have you read the comic Shortpacked? It's a fun read. And I had a cameo in the August 13th strip. Apparently Dave Willis thinks I look scary or something.

Good eye, Willis. You might live to see your wedding next month.

Another good comic you might wanna check out if Hijinks Ensue by Joel Watson. Joel's a local guy and very friendly. We had lunch a week ago, which was probably all of my socializing for the month. Fun guy, fun comic - give it a read when you can.

And, last bit of pimping before I get onto me stuff: R. Stevens, the god behind Diesel Sweeties, has a new comic he's doing that fits perfectly on your iPhone or whatever the crap you kids are into - Lolbots. Fun stuff!

Okay - so stuff goin' on around here. I've got two cons comin' up, both here in Dallas. September 4th through 7th I'll be at Anime Fest. Other guests will include Mel Hynes and J. Grant of Two Lumps, Greg and Liz Dean of Real Life Comics, Johnny Yong Bosh of almost everything, and Bruce Lewis of Needs to Get a Webpage So I Have Something to Link To - as well as the Robotech comics from Eternity Comics and this book. I should be gettin' a table and I'll probably be on quite a few panels. I've not been back to Anime Fest since 2006 but they were always good to me - and gave me an S*P panel. Maybe I can get Clarine to show up for it.

I'll also paid for a table at Dallas Webcomics Expo on November 14th, 2009. It's just a one day event. I think the folks involved (I met two of them at Dallas Comic-Con this past month) are hoping to recapture some of the awesome that was New England Webcomics Weekend for the people who weren't able to make it there. We'll see. Since I've gotten emails about it, no, it's not the same people/organization as NEWW. NEWW is the little baby of awesome cared for by Meredith Gran of Octopus Pie - also known as the most important person in webcomics for 2009.

And Super Stupor #2 is in the store. 40 pages on glossy paper, 37 and a half of them are new material. A mere $4.95 USD plus shipping. However, if you're a goddamn cheapskate, you've not been forgotten. There were an unfortunate number of error printings that I can't in good conscience (it happens) sell at full price - but I do wanna sell them because I'm a greedy fuck. So for $2.95 plus shipping you can have the same comic with a panel or two of slight to "well that's an ink blot alright" screw ups.

Issue 1 will return to the store - hopefully in a day or so. Probably as a pre-order for a second printing. To those asking, Issue 1 is also mostly new material (18 pages of 20 worth, in fact).

That's it. I've got nothing else to say. Bye. -R.

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