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September 10, 2010
Blog entry below explaining my current medical state. Today's guest strip comes from Joel Watson of Hijinks Ensue was kind enough to make sure you had a comic to read today - and hey, it stars me!

Today's Comic
I'd Be Fine With It Not Hurting Now. No, Really.

September 10, 2010

Sooooo, here's the fun in my world.

I went to the doctor on Wednesday - which is a feat in itself. I'm the sort of moron who is convinced anything will go away (partly because healthcare costs idiotic amounts). In the first year of the comic, I was sick for two weeks before my friends threatened to drag me to a doctor (my job at American Medical Response had fucked up my insurance and despite having worked there for nine months I wouldn't be allowed to apply for insurance AGAIN for another three months).

Well, I woke up Wednesday morning and couldn't bend my left arm. The elbow was sore and pain was radiating up my forearm. This is, by the way, my drawing hand. So I did something I'd never done before. I went straight to a doctor.

The doctor visit - well, I've scripted "Life With Rippy" strips about it for later, but in the end it was decided I probably have strep with related reflexive arthritis. Basically, the doctor thinks somehow I got strep (would REALLY like to know how that happened) and the strep said, "Fuck it, why should the throat have al the fun! E'rybody, find a joint and fuck it!"

And of course, it was my fucking drawing arm and right when I'm preparing to move.

There are other options. The other fear is I might have bursitis. He's leaning towards strep because my throat was red and I had a 101 temperature. (He had other ideas, too, but again - "Life With Rippy" once I can draw). So yeah - $700 for a whole lot of "it's probably this, but it could end up that." And a shot. In the ass.

I've been on some awesome sleepy time medication since Wednesday. Unfortunately, that means I'm not getting a lot of work done. Mercifully, I've some wonderful webcartoonist friends who've seen to it I'd have strips for Thursday, Friday and Monday (I'll figure something out for Saturday and Sunday). I'm very lucky to have the friends and family I have, as well as 99.995% of the readers of my comics.

In my brief moments of awake, I'll be trying to fill store orders and script. Also I'll be adding specific original comic pieces to the store and, hopefully once my arms doesn't make me want to scream, finishing a few watercolors and selling them off for similar reasons.

So yeah. Thanks for your patience. I appreciate it. 'Cuz I'm not patient and I don't think I've ever missed drawing this much. -R.

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