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September 14, 2005
Today's Comic
You Always Pimp the Ones You Love

September 23, 2005

I've been meaning to post something here for a while - so I might as well do so now.
First off, many of you remember I mentioned that Penny and Aggie #4 was going to have a storyline that I drew. Well, a week after I announced this, it was announced that the Penny and Aggie comic book was going to cease production after issue 3.
Yeah... I'm good luck, aren't I?
I'm pretty sad this happened - mostly because I know the book was very important to T. and Gisèle. Now, Penny and Aggie will remain on the web - but it still sucks. I'm also a little sad because, well, I worked hard on the comic and it's like the one nice point of this past summer and I was obviously looking forward to that one high point getting print - but these things happen. The good news is, sometime in the future, the strips will be used on Penny and Aggie. So... silver lining and all that.
On some happier notes, I've some friends I'd like to promote. First off, if you're in the Las Vegas area and want to meet Clarine Harp - voice actress and the real inspiration for the character Aubrey - she'll be a guest at Anime Vegas on October 28-30. I'll probably give her some original art, too, to give to readers at her discretion (in other words, if you're a dick, you're probably not going to get anything).
Secondly, if you're in Austin and want to see a good fire spinning show, check out Thundertopia. I've got some friends involved and fire spinning is, to say the least, pretty exciting.
The Kimberly Trip have released their newest album, " You'll Get Nothing...and LIKE it!" It's a good album and I love their music. I actually met Misha, one of the band members, at Japantown Anime Fair last year and he slipped me a copy of their album, "Catastrophic Behavior." Well, the new album has a special place in my heart... or at least my ego, because I'm in the liner notes! Thanks, guys!
Now, if you're down in Florida and you like Rocky Horror Picture Show... well, I pity you. I also wanted to plug a friend of mine who's a member of the Interchangeable Parts cast which performs in St. Pete Beach. See, Dan - one of the cast's Rockys - and the rest of the cast is also going to be performing at Necronomicon 2005 on October 28-30. Now, unless something's changed, Dan's also supposed to be on a panel at this con about shadow casting and Rocky Horror. Now, I'd hate for my friend to feel unloved as he answers countless questions - so if you're in the area, please attend and go to this panel... and and maybe give him a hug. ONLY GIVE HIM A HUG. If your hands or anything else wander, I guarantee you that the last thing you see will he his beautiful fiance skipping rope with your lungs.
Also, I did some slide art for Interchangeable Parts. I'm not totally sure what they're going to do with the characters, but I decided to add a background and their info and slap it up here. Why? Because I can. -R

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