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October 15, 2007

Today's Comic
Corsets and Returned Mail and Dizziness

October 17, 2007, 2007

Remember a while back there was a tagline about Choo-Choo Bear corsets? Yes, that's real. Rinny has the "prototype," made by the delightful Matt and Kat of Vixen Leather. If you or someone you know want a custom made Choo-Choo Corset, here's your chance. Yup, each one's made specifically for the person buying it.

The post office, thankfully, likes them more.

This reminds me. Remember a week or so ago when I posted about a couple hundred packages being returned? Yeah. That was awesome. The fuckup has been (angrily) addressed more or less. Apparently now any rigid envelope, no matter the size, is a package. I did not know this as I've been sending out original art and prints since 2002 and never had ANY returned. According to the Boston post offices this has A) always been the case (bullshit - I've been doing these mailings for five years andsending them first class with NO returns for this); B) been the case in the last year (also bullshit - I've been sendin' out prints regularly all year and again NONE returned for this - hell, over half the grabbags went out first class mail with no problem); or C) just started during the last few weeks and they were waiting for mail to be returned to people to let them know. Yes, these are all answers I received from postal workers - each one prefaced with, "This really isn't our fault." Y'know, you've got a pissed off customer who's been told three different answers to the problem and no one offering a solution - he probably doesn't want to hear how it's not your fault. Incidentally, this didn't explain why various packages I'd sent out WITH packag postage were returned - I guess they got in a groove with that Return to Sender - Needs 33 Cents stamp.

At any rate, I'm down to the last 15 packages of this nonsense. No, I take that back - ha ha just kidding. See, I got fifteen more returned today for wrong addresses.

This month is concentrated awesome.

Anyway, thanks for all the well-wishing last night for my audition. I don't think I'll be getting a call back as it wasn't my best work, but that's okay. What was REALLY fucking weird was when I came home I got a migraine like I've not had in YEARS. In fact the last time I felt that horrible was the day I walked into my now former landlord's home to give him the key and say goodbye. Years of pot smoke and stagnant air just tumbling everywhere. It was horrifying - and explained why, no matter how fucking hard I'd cleaned MY apartment, there was always a weird smell everywhere (I lived above him and there were vents from the first floor into the second floor, as well as a door I'd tried to baracade). This was especially angering since that unidentifiable smell had been the source of a LOT of fights with an ex of mine who assumed (and I can't blame her) I just wasn't trying hard enough to keep the apartment clean.

Er... anyway. Yeah, I know that's not what caused it this time as I didn't walk through or enter in drug clouds and our home smells nice and clean. But I've been kinda dizzy since last night after I took some Excedrin. Should I be worried about this? I mean, I didn't hear any owls call my name (although I do know why the caged bird is a jerk). Oh well. More comics tonight, unless I die. In that case, my DVDs go to Clarine, my Legos to Josh, my books to Rinny, and all the original art divided up between them and my parents and sister. My body is to be taxidermied and left to my daughter to give potential suitors a long, displeased glare from beyond the grave. Oh, and if I die, I will be haunting every fucking one of you - so lemme know what nights are least convenient. -R

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