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October 26, 2008

Today's Comic
From New York to L.A.

October 27, 2008

First thing's first. I've a friend named Gloria in New Jersey. Aside from making amazing soap, she's done everything from bartend to radio announcing. Well, she's wanting new employment. She lives right near The CityTM, so if anyone knows of something, let her know. It would be greatly appreciated (I believe she's hoping to move away from bar work but I could be wrong).

Also, the Store has long since moved into its new home. Hopefully I'll be unveiling new merch tomorrow - including limited commissions and a familiar new friend wanted to adorn your chest.

Finally, I'm boarding a plane tomorrow and heading up to LA to visit folks. It's been decided there must be a reader gathering - this Saturday, from the looks of it. I'm aiming for a park (the tree time, not the roller coast type) to hang out in until sundown-ish, and then maybe head to a bar or something. If you've any ideas or requests, email me and let your voice be heard on this stuff. I will, of course, be doing free fast sketches for those who show up. So come on. How often am I in L.A.? -R

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