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November 4, 2010

Today's Comic
I chose to do two cons straight and I'm a moron.

November 11, 2010

So the Dallas-based shadowcast Amber Does Dallas needed a Criminologist for this Friday's (November 12) show in Dallas and I volunteered. If you want to see me act as Crim, check out their details for the event. I'll even bring sketchcards and do sketches for any readers who show up (but only after the show.

And after that's done, I'll be jumping in my car and driving down to Austin for Wizardwold Austin, where I'm sharing an artist alley table with Joel Watson of HikinksEnsue. Joel wants to do a reader gathering while we're in Austin. However, we don't know where to do it and time's running short. If you have a suggestions or just want to show up to the meet up, monitor this blog post's comments for details. Also, admire the super sexy picture of me.

... yeah, I saw you checkin' me out. -R.

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