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November 11, 2004
Today's Comic
Tis the Season

November 16, 2004

I used to be so good at updating the news when I first started this comic. Anyway, here we go. I'll try to keep the self-serving stuff closer to the bottom (but please look at it - I'm self-centered, you know. A lot of people tell me so on a daily basis!)

First off, this Saturday, November 20th, is National Survivors of Suicide Day in the U.S. Suicide is a big concern this time of year. When I worked for the ambulance company (the one Davan's employer is based off of), I remember feeling dread and misery. A lot of people find holidays miserably unbearable and try to take their lives - and quite a few succeed. They leave behind hurt loved ones who can do nothing but try to pick up the pieces. If you've been through this or know someone who has, please check out the link and look into attending the conference if you can. You are not alone.

Last year, Penny Arcade, one of (if not the) top webcomics raised $250,000 for their Child's Play charity which sees to it kids in hospitals get something this Christmas. This year, they're aiming for $300,000. Some people complain about charity only happening at holidays - and yes, it would be nice if we were 100% giving all the time - but as a friend who'd gone through it as a child told me, nothing's worse than being a kid and knowing you'll get nothing on Christmas. Now, couple that with being sick - because for a lot of family's of sick kids, money's very tight. A week without your usual coffee could mean something nice to a very ill child. Look it over.

"A week without your usualcoffee could mean something nice to a very ill child." JESUS! Would you listen to me? I sound like I should be holding a starving third-world child and talking into a t.v. camera for a charity who advertises at 4 in the morning. I hate the holidays. Look what it does to me. Anyway, help out if you can.

Okay - on to me. ME! No more children. So, I'm trying to get my "portfolio" site, Rhymes With Witch up (hosted by my old friends at Webslum). Some of you figured this thing out long ago as I've put its url on the occasional filler art. The site will update more regularly than New Gold Dream (YES! I'm working on updates. Gah. I've been sick. Back off) but with "less finished" comics and sketches. Sadly, the site isn't even a quarter of the way to done because of my being VERY SICK last week.

The store, however, is open. And I'm selling shit. Non S*P shit, mind you - no, I'm selling a delightful Christmas shirt and matching but slightly less than work-safe art print.


All S*P merchandise is still, and will remain on sale, at Warehouse23. I like it there and the general attitude I've gotten from the readers is they do, too. However, I've been trying to figure out ways to stay afloat once the funds vanish and have a few thing I'm going to try. One is opening a smaller store on the side that does shirts and prints to sell. If there's anything you'd like to see there or on the RWW site in general, please tell me so.

Also, I'm going to be selling original S*P art used in strip creation via the site soon - VERY SOON. If you're interested in purchasing some of said art, please let me know. -R

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