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November 17, 2008

Today's Comic
It is a good day to meow. But the day is not yet over.

November 20, 2008

So, I'd like to think my readers will support each other and be there when one needs the other. Well, one of your fellow readers has been working his ass off on something that you'll be able to see December 7th if you have access to cable channel TNT. John Rogers, S*P reader and bad-ass behind the first 20-something issues of DC Comic's current run of Blue Beetle (which apparently they're canceling because DC is tired of having things worth reading, but that's another story) has a TV show he's been working on called Leverage. John's a great writer and an amazing guy. Give his show a watch if you can.

So, a month ago I was in LA - you may recall there were calls about a reader gathering. Over 30 or so people showed up. I would have been there on time but instead of dropping me at Griffith Park, I was dropped in the middle of Glendale and the cab company refused to send anyone to get me (United Independent Taxi - if you're in LA or Hollywood and need a taxi, AVOID THEM unless you don't mind service with a "fuck you now give me twice the amount I told you this ride would cost"). I want to thank everyone who showed up. If anyone got pictures from the event, lemme know so I can post a link. If you didn't come - well, you missed out on a free sketch, a lot of stories, and meeting "the real" Jason, my friend Josh.

Sadly, the ever-adorable T-Bob (yes, he's real) was unable to attend the reader gathering. He's a busy young man. In fact, right now he's busy helping to promote the website so if you want to congratulate the president-elect, go there... and do it. You'll make a little gay man very happy - and what more do you really need to make you happy in life?

Oh - the store now accepts Google Checkout - which can also process credit cards! So, if you hate PayPal and still wanna by something, you have an option! And the 2008 Christmas Cards are in the store. I hope to have received the actual cards from the printer by next week. But there's more in the store comic, and I still have a few commission spots open. Buy stuff! Or... uh... don't. But, c'mon - who doesn't need this card or this one? -R

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