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November 26, 2005
Today's Comic
I'm a Ray of Sunshine... Cancerous.

November 25, 2005

First off, someone started an S*P Group on I dunno - but seeing this sorta stuff floors me still. It's very flattering.

Sooooo - yeah. Happy week, EH?! EH?!

I wanna thank the fifteen or so people who came out to the Tomato in Denton on Tuesday. I need to resize the photos I took of everyone. I leave for Boston again on Thursday - I'm debating on trying to do another little Dallas/Fort Worth gathering before then. If you have any ideas, email me. The idea of going to see the Los Bastardos Rocky Horror group has been tossed out (since I do sorta know a cast member) but... I've seen a crapload of Rocky. I dunno. We'll see.

A few people have asked if about the tattoo tagline on yesterday's comic. No, that wasn't exactly how I woke up... the first time. First, around 7am, I got a call equating to "holy crap did I send you a drunken text message last night - oh, happy Thanksgiving and try not to be so goddamn depressing." Then, various text messages (I'm almost getting used to having a cellphone). Then, my mother decided it was time I got out of bed and came to wake me.

That's when she saw the tattoo I got last month. It's on my upper arm, easily covered by my sleeves. It's the Illuminati symbol done in computer circuitry and I designed it in 1999. My mother's first instinct was, of course, to wet her thumb and attempt to rub it off.

It has not been discussed since.

So, this is thirty. I must say, so far I'm unimpressed. It's involved my back hurting a lot and stubbing my toe twice. I would like to thank everyone who's given me the really nice greetings. I appreciate it.

Also, since it's time to give thanks, I want to thank you all for reading the comic for almost four years now. I do appreciate it and it means a lot to me to be able to do this and have people see it. I also want to thank all my friends who've been supporting me since before it went up, everyone at Steve Jackson Games for their continued patience and tolerance of my stupid shit, Gabe and Tycho of Penny Arcade (and congrats, Tycho!) for telling the world about my comic, Scott Kurtz for his supportive talks with me, everyone who's shared the link, donated, wanted to donate but just couldn't, written an email, or just said "hi" at a con, the four miserable souls who get to hear my planning for the comic (although, in fairness, one of them dated me and therefore must pay the price). And special thanks to Clarine (who's to blame for all this), "PeeJee", Josh, Claire, T-Bob, Kim, Jhim, Rhonda, my parents (who do not read this comic and better keep their goddamn promise not to), Aaron, Erma, Mercy (who I can always count on to be completely honest and keep me down to earth), Johanna, Jacki, Dan, Skyler, Brandon, Aimee, Don, James, Ella, Hourng, Eve, Florence, Eileen, Kevin, Adrian, Aeire, T., Eric, Athena, Caroline, Paul, Andy, Steve, Baker, Mornee, Patrick, Howard, Hilary, Matt, Kitch, A.J., Vaz, and Betty and Sandy (whereever you two are - I miss you both dearly) for being there at one point or another. I don't say it enough to any of you, but I do appreciate it. And to those of you not mentioned, it's not because you're unimportant to me. I'm just too goddamn lazy to type all your names out.

So, thank you. -R

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