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November 30, 2005
Today's Comic

November 30, 2005

Slowly updating the Cast page. Dunno when it will be done. Hopefully prior to 2011. Unless I get a lot of emails asking, "Do you realize the cast pages need to be added/updated?" In which case I'll just keep it like it is, as I did for the past two years.

Yes. I did it out of spite. Specifically for a Canadian reader who emailed me with a tantrum about how I'd promised to update the cast pages if I was paid a year's salary (I don't even know where to begin explaining how he was wrong with that one).

Okay. Honestly, I did it out of laziness and disinterest - but spite sounds a lot cooler.

And tonight - don't forget - meet up at Cafe Brazil in Deep Ellum for those of you in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. You can meet not only the inspiration for Aubrey BUT the real Jhim Midgett. Woo! And I do free sketches (no more than two characters in a sketch - sorry).

Oh, and a few people have complained that it's not fair that I'm doing all these meets in Dallas/Fort Worth but not anywhere else. Well, first off - sorry but I can't afford to do a meet in the middle of Scotland. I pretty much can only do this in places I can get to easily or plan on being.

Now, a few Bostonians are quite put off that I've not done one there in the almost four years of the comic. That can be changed. If you live in the Boston area, email me ideas. Sound good? Good. -R

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