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December 3, 2010

Today's Comic
Helliday Shopping

December 8, 2010

I hope your holiday is going better than mine.

So, first off, let me be the self-serving asshole who thinks only of himself. This weekend (December 11 and 12) I will be at Dragon's Lair Comics in Austin for Webcomics Rampage, a free event featuring me, Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots, Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content, Dave Willis of Shortpacked! and Dumbing of Age, Joel Watson of Hijinks Ensue, Josh Lesnik of Girly and the ever-Not-Safe-For-Work Slipshine, and Bill Williams of Sidechicks. There will be a Q&A both days but you HAVE to contact Dragon's Lair to reserve a space (seriously, last year that thing filled up like no one's business). Before and after that, hang out with us, get free sketches from me, bu$ to reserve a spot for). It would be great to see you Austin-area readers. And, again, it's free to attend.

Also, this will be my seventeenth and final event for 2010. Sweet hell.

Hold on. Still not done being a self-serving asshole.

So I'm not selling Christmas cards this year. I couldn't get the designs right and I didn't want to sell something I hated. I am, however, selling stuff - be it comic books (at sale prices, even!), posters (the 8-Bit Inferno poster is only $3 for a limited time), prints (including two brand new prints), original comic art, original watercolors, and commissions (but only five a day so I can get 'em all done). Why the sale stuff? 'Cuz it's Christmas... and I got a surprise bill over $2,000 that I need to pay soon.

Ho-ho-fuck me.

Or, if you feel kind, there's a "donate" button over there on the side above the "Friends of S*P" on the front page. If ya can, it's appreciated. If not, no worries.

Also, my main email has become a complete and total den of spam. This happened with the previous store email address, too, and has caused a LOT of problems. So, for the holidays, I've created an "emergency" email address: pleaseworkdamnit(at)gmail(dot)com. Please only use this if you need to get hold of me for store information (requests, needing a replacement order, order hasn't arrived, need a refund, etc.). If you've tried to get hold of me, I'm very, very sorry. Part of my holiday between comic years will be spent clearin out the main email address. Fun times.

Okay. Enough about me. Did you know other webcomics have some really cool stuff you could consider for holiday gifts? It's fuckin' true! If you have friends or family into science fiction, there's always the Schlock Mercenary store. Like alternate realities where you can get your porn, guns, and liquor at one stop? Get some Templar, AZ stuff from the Iron Circus store. You could also try Topatoco which sells almost EVERYTHING webcomics. Not even kidding. It's a little scary. And if you want some beautiful art pieces, KinkoFry has you covered. And don't forget Zach Weiner's Captain Excelsior. Absurd and full of eyebrows more your thing? Hey, I don't judge. Nor does Book of Biff.

So... yeah. Woo! Help webcartoonists out (especially me). Also, year nine is ALMOST over. I've... gotta figure out what to do during the break. Also who's gonna be in the next "Old Familiar Faces" storyline. After a nap.

Oh shit. So fucking tired. -R.

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