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December 14, 2007

Today's Comic
Cons Appearances for 2008, Birthday, etc.

Decemebr 19, 2007

Yup - today's the sixth birthday of the strip. Wooo! I'll be celebrating by catching up first on S*P and second on '37 (and next year I'm definitely putting - well, it'll be '38 then - on hiatus for a week while I do the Christmas shipping -that made all the difference in the world). So... uh... go me or something. I'm going to post a full Year Six update on Friday, when I actually end the year.

Also, for the two week downtime I'll probably be doing a mix of Life With Rippy strips and Super Stupor comics. Not sure yet.

Oh yeah. So, I've a list of con appearances for 2008 - starting with TWO in January:

OhayoCon 8, January 4-6 in Columbus, Ohio (Clarine's a guest, too!)

Arisia '08, January 18-21, in Cambridge, MA

NonCon '08, February 22-24, at Vassar College in New York (that's where my kid graduated from!)

AggieCon 39, March 28-30, at College Station, Texas (Texas A&M)

3Pi-Con, August 22-24, in West Springfield, MA.

These are just the confirmed cons - more will hopefully be added (granted, some could always be removed - you never know). I hope to see you at one of 'em.-R

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