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December 19, 2006

Today's Comic
End of Year Five

December 19, 2006

First off a few plugs: if you're a Queen of Wands fan, Aeire is having an eBay auction of art to fund her move into a new apartment. She's also posted preview art of her new comic starring QoW's Angela - a comic she will write and will be drawn by Chris Daily of Strip Tease.

Also, if you live in the Boston area, Pandemonium Books is carrying my holiday postcards as well as a special gamer-related one not sold on my site.

Okay... so... year five is now over. I guess I should give a "state of the comic" post or something.

This has been a very weird year for me. Comic-wise I've felt a lot better about what I'm producing for S•P and the readership continues to grow. Personally, I've had to address certain issues and paranoias I have that have hindered the comic - one of which is the reason the book is still only partly completed. Doing the guest strips for Penny and Aggie forced me to address these issues and, worse yet, admit them to someone else. So - here's hoping it helped and things will finally get to where they need to be. Aside from that, everything is about as usual - I got two major debts paid off and found out I had a debt I didn't know existed - ooooh, that's awesome - so two panics down, one to go. I feel a lot better about RWW. I still have about a month of Midnight Macabre stuff I need to scan AND on top of that I have three storylines for S•P I need to scan and get up - including the answer to the popular reader question, "How did Branwen know Eva had blonde hair?".

So this is what I've decided. Year Six starts January 2nd with the yearly, "Old Familiar Faces" arch.. From tomorrow through January 1st I will be doing comics but I'm chosing something easier on me - something stream of concious and probably not in color. This will give me time to work on things I've wanted to do for a while for the site as well as address some important personal and comic issues.

That's really about it. Sorry for the boring newspost. We're five years old today! Thank you all for your continuing readership and continuing to get others to read as well. It means a lot to me. I hope you enjoy Year Six as well. -R

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