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December 23, 2010

Today's Comic
Another Year Over

December 23, 2010

So, Year Nine ended yesterday. Originally I was going to do five more strips. I had a few of them ready last night - but just couldn't finish 'em. I spent most of yesterday helping my dad after his cataract surgery and was very wiped, so I decided to save the strips I'd drawn, retool 'em slightly, and use them for the start of 2011 (starting with a buffer can't be bad). So yeah. Now we start the holiday filler strips. And, yes, there will be some Super Stupor strips.

A few things before I start my usual year end rumination: My friend Jacki, who's appeared in S*P a few times as a Nerdrotica employee, also plays a supporting role in the comedy web series, Man I Hate Mondays. Jacki's kinda sorta awesome so I'd be a shitty friend not to promote her, and I enjoyed the videos. So hey!

Also, IDW Publishing is now publishing the Dungeons & Dragons comic book. Originally I discounted it - then I learned the book was being written by John Rogers. John is a writer, comedian, all around decent guy, and S*P reader. Oh, he also wrote the 2006-2007 run of Blue Beetle, one of the best series in years, and co-created and writes for the TNT series Leverage which is wonderful. And so is his D&D comic. There are three issues out now - Issues 0, 1, and 2. All are great, but #2 will always have a place in my heart. Why? It's not every day I see my webcomic referenced in a comic book. Give the series a read - even if you don't play roleplaying games. It has good writing, a lotta snark and action. I think you'll enjoy it.

... y'know, I had more stuff I wanted to promote but now I can't remember any of it. Huh.

Okay, Year Nine is done. 2010 has been a pretty awful year in a lot of ways. Health issues (for me and my family), personal stuff - things I generally try not to bring to the site (since most of you are here to read comics and not listen to me whimper about life). It's dragged on me near the end and I apologize for letting it affect my work in both the comic and store. But, hey, that's how life goes, right? And it hasn't been all bad, either. I made new friends, got to do a few shows with friends of mine (seventeen cons - what the fuck was I thinking?), got to draw kittens and started doing watercolor again. I met some wonderful readers, too, and that's always good. So, I'll try to remember that.

Since a lot of people ask - no, Year Ten wno't be S*P's last year. It will continue at least until 2015 (barring incident, death, or finding a really cool way to end it early... and no, killing the entire cast off isn't a "really cool way" in my book. Around late 2013 to mid 2014 I'll try to decide if S*P will end or continue and, if it does, how it will continue. I have ideas and I have every major storyline plotted through 2015.

So, uh... yeah. Thank you. Thanks for reading my comics. Thanks for the kind words from those who've offered them or stopped by at a con and said hi. Thanks to those of you who've shared links with friends or forums. I do appreciate it, even if I don't always say it. I hope you continue to enjoy the comic and that Year Ten makes you happy. Take care, have a safe holiday season, and come back tomorrow and read some comics. -R.

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