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Posts for May 28, 2002

Aubrey and Davan: Summer of '83

PeeJee and Jesus Mickey: In the Biblical Sense?

Mike: Coppertone Nightmares

Timonius and Aubrey: Toasty!

Kim: Pink Summer

Posts for May 29, 2002

Choo-Choo Bear: 36B Hammock

Eva and Davan: Slight Alterations

Claire: Like You've Never Seen Her Before

Posts for May 30, 2002

Monette: Summer Reading

Jhim and PeeJee: Long Title

T-Bob and Kim: Cook-Out

Posts for June 1, 2002

Jason, Aubrey and PeeJee: A Situation

Davan and Eva: Think Before You Speak

Posts for June 2, 2002

Satan: Official Swimwear of the River Styx

Jason: Chicks Dig Elder Gods

Aubrey, Kim and PeeJee: Vaginamancy

Post for June 3, 2002

PeeJee and Choo-Choo Bear: Beach Games

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