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01-01-02The Reluctant Lesbian pt 2

01-02-02The Reluctant Lesbian pt 3

01-03-02The Reluctant Lesbian pt 4

01-04-02The Reluctant Lesbian pt 5

01-07-02To Be Seen, Not Heard

01-08-02Subway Theologist

01-09-02Cover Charges Are For Suckers

01-10-02Dirty Laungry

01-11-02The Goods

01-14-02Jhim’s Kitty pt 1

01-15-02Jhim’s Kitty pt 2

01-16-02Jhim’s Kitty pt 3

01-17-02Jhim’s Kitty pt 4

01-18-02Saving Throw vs. Having a Life

01-21-02Snow White, Blood Red pt 1

01-22-02Snow White, Blood Red pt 2

01-23-02Snow White, Blood Red pt 3

01-24-02Snow White, Blood Red pt 4

01-25-02Snow White, Blood Red pt 5

01-28-02Coffee Crimes

01-29-02Fashion Statement

01-30-02This Do in Remembrance of Me… Baby

01-31-02Date Qualifier


02-01-02Davan’s Sister

02-04-02Conward, Ho! pt 1

02-05-02Conward, Ho! pt 2

02-06-02Conward, Ho! pt 3

02-07-02Conward, Ho! pt 4

02-08-02Conward, Ho! pt 5

02-11-02Valencrime’s Day pt 1

02-12-02Valencrime’s Day pt 2

02-13-02Valencrime’s Day pt 3

02-14-02Valencrime’s Day pt 4

02-15-02Valencrime’s Day pt 5

02-18-02Wig-Wham! pt 1

02-19-02Wig-Wham! pt 2

02-20-02Wig-Wham! pt 3

02-21-02Wig-Wham! pt 4

02-22-02Wig-Wham! pt 5

02-25-02Enter Kim


02-27-02PeeJee’s Taste in Men

02-28-02Graveside Respect


03-01-02Beginnings of a Disaster

03-02-02Not Everyone Wants a Friend

03-03-02A Nightmare Come True

03-04-02“Nailed!” Auditions pt 1

03-05-02“Nailed!” Auditions pt 2

03-06-02“Nailed!” Rehearsals pt 1

03-07-02“Nailed!” Rehearsals pt 2

03-08-02A New Game to Play

03-11-02Texas Trek pt 1

03-12-02Texas Trek pt 2

03-13-02“Nailed!” Rehearsals pt 3

03-14-02“Nailed!” Rehearsals pt 4

03-15-02Putting Things in Perspective

03-18-02Lick o’ the Irish

03-19-02“Nailed!” Rehearsals pt 5

03-20-02“Nailed!” Rehearsals pt 6

03-21-02“Nailed!” Rehearsals pt 7

03-22-02Opening Night

03-25-02“Nailed!” pt 1

03-26-02“Nailed!” pt 2

03-27-02“Nailed!” pt 3

03-28-02“Nailed!” pt 4

03-29-02“Nailed!” pt 5

03-30-02Cast Party

03-31-02Childhood Truth


04-01-02John Harvard

04-02-02Pirate Vocabulary

04-03-02Dress Codes

04-04-02“So Happy With You”

04-05-02Extended Family

04-06-02What a Big Ego You Have

04-07-02Everyone Loves Babies

04-08-02Las Chicas del S*P… FIGHT! pt 1

04-09-02Las Chicas del S*P… FIGHT! pt 2

04-10-02Las Chicas del S*P… FIGHT! pt 3

04-11-02Las Chicas del S*P… FIGHT! pt 4

04-12-02Las Chicas del S*P… FIGHT! pt 5

04-13-02Drawing Perspectives

04-14-02Service With a “Suck My Cock”

04-15-02This Is How We Say Goodbye pt 1

04-16-02This Is How We Say Goodbye pt 2

04-17-02This Is How We Say Goodbye pt 3

04-18-02This Is How We Say Goodbye pt 4

04-19-02This Is How We Say Goodbye pt 5

04-20-02This Is How We Say Goodbye pt 6

04-21-02This Is How We Say Goodbye pt 7

04-22-02Trolling For Goths pt 1

04-23-02Trolling For Goths pt 2

04-24-02Trolling For Goths pt 3

04-25-02Trolling For Goths pt 4

04-26-02Trolling For Goths pt 5

04-27-02Hair Scare

04-28-02PeeJee & Dragons pt 1

04-29-02PeeJee & Dragons pt 2

04-30-02PeeJee & Dragons pt 3


05-01-02PeeJee & Dragons pt 4

05-02-02PeeJee & Dragons pt 5

05-03-02PeeJee & Dragons pt 6

05-04-02Redneck Trees for your D&D Game

05-05-02“My Neighbor Cthulhu” pt 1

05-06-02“My Neighbor Cthulhu” pt 2

05-07-02“My Neighbor Cthulhu” pt 3

05-08-02“My Neighbor Cthulhu” pt 4

05-09-02“My Neighbor Cthulhu” pt 5

05-10-02“My Neighbor Cthulhu” pt 6

05-11-02Devil’s Advocate

05-12-02Trim-Trek 2002 pt 1

05-13-02Trim-Trek 2002 pt 2

05-14-02Trim-Trek 2002 pt 3

05-15-02Trim-Trek 2002 pt 4

05-16-02Trim-Trek 2002 pt 5

05-17-02Trim-Trek 2002 pt 6

05-18-02Trim-Trek 2002 pt 7

05-19-02Crime for Crime

05-20-02Whoring Out Across the Galaxy


05-22-02The Old Bar

05-23-02Kind of Girl to Bring Home to Mom

05-24-02Sleeptime is Playtime

05-25-02Art Critique

05-26-02Lesbian at Last? pt 1

05-27-02Lesbian at Last? pt 2

05-28-02Lesbian at Last? pt 3

05-29-02Lesbian at Last? pt 4

05-30-02Lesbian at Last? pt 5

05-31-02Lesbian at Last? pt 6


06-01-02Choo-Choo Revolution

06-02-02Aubrey, Meet Eva pt 1

06-03-02Aubrey, Meet Eva pt 2

06-04-02Aubrey, Meet Eva pt 3

06-05-02Aubrey, Meet Eva pt 4

06-06-02Aubrey, Meet Eva pt 5

06-07-02Kim, Meet Eva pt 1

06-08-02Kim, Meet Eva pt 2

06-09-02Kim’s Little Black Playbook

06-10-02Red Light Lessons

06-11-02Firm Grip on the Matter pt 1

06-12-02Firm Grip on the Matter pt 2

06-13-02Firm Grip on the Matter pt 3

06-14-02Firm Grip on the Matter pt 4

06-15-02Firm Grip on the Matter pt 5

06-16-02When Father Was a Son… of a…. pt 1

06-17-02When Father Was a Son… of a…. pt 2

06-18-02When Father Was a Son… of a…. pt 3

06-19-02When Father Was a Son… of a…. pt 4

06-20-02When Father Was a Son… of a…. pt 5

06-21-02When Father Was a Son… of a…. pt 6

06-22-02Good Vibrations

06-23-02Aubrey’s Thinking

06-24-02A Second Funeral pt 1

06-25-02A Second Funeral pt 2

06-26-02A Second Funeral pt 3

06-27-02A Second Funeral pt 4

06-28-02A Second Funeral pt 5

06-29-02Returning Home

06-30-02Love, Stupid Love pt 1


07-01-02Love, Stupid Love pt 2

07-02-02Love, Stupid Love pt 3

07-03-02Love, Stupid Love pt 4

07-04-02Little Miss Firecracker

07-05-02Love, Stupid Love pt 5

07-06-02Love, Stupid Love pt 6

07-07-02Love, Stupid Love pt 7

07-08-02Love, Stupid Love pt 8

07-09-02Love, Stupid Love pt 9

07-10-02Love, Stupid Love pt 10

07-11-02Love, Stupid Love pt 11

07-12-02Love, Stupid Love pt 12

07-13-02Love, Stupid Love pt 13

07-14-02Simple Wants

07-15-02Contributing to the Next Generation’s Psychosis

07-16-02Job Security

07-17-02Jason: Bill Collector

07-18-02From Kinky to Creepy

07-19-02Choo-Choo Tricks

07-20-02A Face Only a Mother Could Love… in Secret


07-22-02A Little Piece of Claire pt 1

07-23-02A Little Piece of Claire pt 2

07-24-02A Little Piece of Claire pt 3

07-25-02A Little Piece of Claire pt 4

07-26-02A Little Piece of Claire pt 5

07-27-02A Little Piece of Claire pt 6

07-28-02A Little Piece of Claire pt 7

07-29-02Kobo Kombat!

07-30-02What Your Friends Really Think of You

07-31-02Let’s All Bitch About Davan’s Hair! pt 1


08-01-02Let’s All Bitch About Davan’s Hair! pt 2

08-02-02Hot, Wet Pussy… Sorta

08-03-02Senseless Acts of Girl

08-04-02Candystripin’ pt 1

08-05-02Candystripin’ pt 2

08-06-02Candystripin’ pt 3

08-07-02Candystripin’ pt 4

08-08-02Candystripin’ pt 5

08-09-02Fears and Friendships pt 1

08-10-02Fears and Friendships pt 2

08-11-02Fears and Friendships pt 3

08-12-02Fears and Friendships pt 4

08-13-02Fears and Friendships pt 5

08-14-02Fears and Friendships pt 6

08-15-02Fears and Friendships pt 7

08-16-02Fears and Friendships pt 8

08-17-02Fears and Friendships pt 9

08-18-02Mmmm… Tasty Foot

08-19-02Girlie D&D pt 1

08-20-02Girlie D&D pt 2

08-21-02Girlie D&D pt 3

08-22-02Girlie D&D pt 4

08-23-02Girlie D&D pt 5

08-24-02Girlie D&D pt 6

08-25-02Always the Last Place You Look

08-26-02Yet Another Goddamn Theatre Story pt 1

08-27-02Yet Another Goddamn Theatre Story pt 2

08-28-02Yet Another Goddamn Theatre Story pt 3

08-29-02Yet Another Goddamn Theatre Story pt 4

08-30-02Yet Another Goddamn Theatre Story pt 5

08-31-02Fine-Print Foreplay


09-02-02Rule #23: Never Gloat

09-03-02Second Thoughts

09-04-02Enter Anna pt 1

09-05-02Enter Anna pt 2

09-06-02… uh.

09-07-02Things Fall Apart pt 1

09-08-02Things Fall Apart pt 2

09-09-02Things Fall Apart pt 3

09-10-02Things Fall Apart pt 4

09-11-02Things Fall Apart pt 5

09-12-02Promises, Promises

09-13-02Trying to Get Fired

09-14-02Time for a Break

09-15-02Co-Dependence and Pets

09-16-02Choo-Choo Go Down the Hole pt 1

09-17-02Choo-Choo Go Down the Hole pt 2

09-18-02Choo-Choo Go Down the Hole pt 3

09-19-02Choo-Choo Go Down the Hole pt 4

09-20-02Choo-Choo Go Down the Hole pt 5

09-21-02Choo-Choo Go Down the Hole pt 6

09-22-02Old Faces, Uneasy Places pt 1

09-23-02Old Faces, Uneasy Places pt 2

09-24-02Old Faces, Uneasy Places pt 3

09-25-02Old Faces, Uneasy Places pt 4

09-26-02Old Faces, Uneasy Places pt 5

09-27-02Old Faces, Uneasy Places pt 6

09-28-02Golden Childhood Treasures

09-29-02Texas State Fair pt 1

09-30-02Texas State Fair pt 2


10-01-02Texas State Fair pt 3

10-02-02Texas State Fair pt 4

10-03-02Texas State Fair pt 5

10-04-02Texas State Fair pt 6

10-05-02Texas State Fair pt 7

10-06-02Big Brother is Watching pt 1

10-07-02Big Brother is Watching pt 2

10-08-02Big Brother is Watching pt 3

10-09-02Big Brother is Watching pt 4

10-10-02Big Brother is Watching pt 5

10-11-02Big Brother is Watching pt 6

10-12-02Sweet Tooth

10-13-02Mike’s Dread Date pt 1

10-14-02Mike’s Dread Date pt 2

10-15-02Mike’s Dread Date pt 3

10-16-02Mike’s Dread Date pt 4

10-17-02Mike’s Dread Date pt 5

10-18-02Mike’s Dread Date pt 6

10-19-02Mike’s Dread Date pt 7

10-20-02Ghosts and Geeks pt 1

10-21-02Ghosts and Geeks pt 2

10-22-02Ghosts and Geeks pt 3

10-23-02Ghosts and Geeks pt 4

10-24-02Ghosts and Geeks pt 5

10-25-02Ghosts and Geeks pt 6

10-26-02Retirement Plans

10-27-02Bitchcraft pt 1

10-28-02Bitchcraft pt 2

10-29-02Bitchcraft pt 3

10-30-02Bitchcraft pt 4

10-31-02Bitchcraft pt 5


11-02-02Bitchcraft pt 6

11-03-02Wedding Bells pt 1

11-04-02Wedding Bells pt 2

11-05-02Wedding Bells pt 3

11-06-02Wedding Bells pt 4

11-07-02Wedding Bells pt 5

11-08-02Wedding Bells pt 6

11-09-02Wedding Bells pt 7

11-10-02Getting to Know You

11-11-02Too Anxious

11-12-02Why Girls Like Having Male Friends(?)

11-13-02Make Room For Daddy

11-14-02Reading Rain–No!

11-15-02Vlad of the Clan Nitwit

11-16-02Fun With Midgets

11-17-02Free-Range Midget pt 1

11-18-02Free-Range Midget pt 2

11-19-02Free-Range Midget pt 3

11-20-02Free-Range Midget pt 4

11-21-02Free-Range Midget pt 5

11-22-02Free-Range Midget pt 6

11-23-02Free-Range Midget pt 7

11-24-02Thanksgrieving pt 1

11-25-02Thanksgrieving pt 2

11-26-02Thanksgrieving pt 3

11-27-02Thanksgrieving pt 4

11-28-02Thanksgrieving pt 5

11-29-02Thanksgrieving pt 6

11-30-02Wake Up, Little Boy


12-01-02Jingle Hell pt 1

12-02-02Jingle Hell pt 2

12-03-02Jingle Hell pt 3

12-04-02Jingle Hell pt 4

12-05-02Jingle Hell pt 5

12-06-02Jingle Hell pt 6

12-07-02Twnety-Seven Years of Coal

12-08-02Before We Part Ways pt 1

12-09-02Before We Part Ways pt 2

12-10-02Before We Part Ways pt 3

12-11-02Before We Part Ways pt 4

12-12-02Before We Part Ways pt 5

12-13-02Before We Part Ways pt 6

12-14-02Before We Part Ways pt 7

12-16-02Home Sweet — Fuck…. pt 1

12-17-02Home Sweet — Fuck…. pt 2

12-18-02Home Sweet — Fuck…. pt 3

12-19-02Home Sweet — Fuck…. pt 4

12-20-02Home Sweet — Fuck…. pt 5

12-21-02Year End….

12-22-02A Very Lazy Strip

12-23-02Old Faces pt 1

12-24-02Old Faces pt 2

12-25-02Old Faces pt 3

12-26-02Old Faces pt 4

12-27-02Old Faces pt 5

12-28-02Guest Strip Week pt 1

12-29-02Guest Strip Week pt 2

12-30-02Guest Strip Week pt 3

12-31-02Guest Strip Week pt 4

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