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01-01-03Guest Strip Week pt 5

01-02-03Guest Strip Week pt 6

01-03-03Guest Strip Week pt 7

01-04-03Guest Strip Week pt 8

01-05-03New Year, New Regrets pt 1

01-06-03New Year, New Regrets pt 2

01-08-03New Year, New Regrets pt 3

01-09-03New Year, New Regrets pt 4

01-10-03New Year, New Regrets pt 5

01-11-03New Year, New Regrets pt 6

01-12-03Jack-In, Jerk-Off pt 1

01-13-03Jack-In, Jerk-Off pt 2

01-14-03Jack-In, Jerk-Off pt 3

01-15-03Jack-In, Jerk-Off pt 4

01-16-03Jack-In, Jerk-Off pt 5

01-17-03Jack-In, Jerk-Off pt 6

01-18-03Jack-In, Jerk-Off pt 7

01-19-03Hold Me Closer, Tiny Jhim pt 1

01-20-03Hold Me Closer, Tiny Jhim pt 2

01-21-03Hold Me Closer, Tiny Jhim pt 3

01-22-03Hold Me Closer, Tiny Jhim pt 4

01-23-03Hold Me Closer, Tiny Jhim pt 5

01-24-03T.V. Filler Comic #1

01-25-03T.V. Filler Comic #2

01-26-03Advantage pt 1

01-27-03Advantage pt 2

01-28-03Advantage pt 3

01-29-03Advantage pt 4

01-30-03Advantage pt 5


02-01-03Advantage pt 6

02-02-03Advantage pt 7

02-03-03Hearts and Arrows pt 1

02-04-03Hearts and Arrows pt 2

02-05-03Hearts and Arrows pt 3

02-06-03Hearts and Arrows pt 4

02-07-03Hearts and Arrows pt 5

02-08-03Daddy’s Little Girl pt 1

02-09-03Daddy’s Little Girl pt 2

02-10-03Daddy’s Little Girl pt 3

02-11-03Daddy’s Little Girl pt 4

02-12-03Daddy’s Little Girl pt 5

02-14-03Daddy’s Little Girl pt 6


02-17-03Daddy’s Little Girl pt 7

02-18-03More Than Heaven pt 1

02-19-03More Than Heaven pt 2

02-20-03More Than Heaven pt 3

02-21-03More Than Heaven pt 4

02-22-03Sadie Hawkins… That Bitch! pt 1

02-23-03Sadie Hawkins… That Bitch! pt 2

02-24-03Sadie Hawkins… That Bitch! pt 3

02-25-03Sadie Hawkins… That Bitch! pt 4

02-26-03Sadie Hawkins… That Bitch! pt 5

02-27-03Sadie Hawkins… That Bitch! pt 6

02-28-03Sadie Hawkins… That Bitch! pt 7


03-01-03Sadie Hawkins… That Bitch! pt 8

03-02-03Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

03-03-03Bottoms Up!


03-05-03Tempting Fate

03-06-03Statistics to Prove Anything

03-07-03Better Off Untitled

03-08-03The Show Must Go On… Somewhere Else

03-09-03The Down Side to Infidelity pt 1

03-10-03The Down Side to Infidelity pt 2

03-11-03The Down Side to Infidelity pt 3

03-12-03The Birth of a Disaster pt 1

03-13-03The Birth of a Disaster pt 2

03-14-03The Birth of a Disaster pt 3

03-15-03The Birth of a Disaster pt 4

03-16-03Alcoholic’s Dream pt 1

03-17-03Alcoholic’s Dream pt 2

03-18-03Scotty’s Last Crush pt 1

03-19-03Scotty’s Last Crush pt 2

03-20-03Scotty’s Last Crush pt 3

03-21-03Scotty’s Last Crush pt 4

03-22-03Scotty’s Last Crush pt 5

03-23-03A Midget to Call Their Own

03-24-03The Down Side to Infidelity pt 4

03-25-03The Down Side to Infidelity pt 5

03-26-03Alcoholic’s Dream pt 3

03-27-03What’s The Frequency, Davan? pt 1

03-28-03What’s The Frequency, Davan? pt 2

03-29-03The Last Shred of Innocence

03-30-03Misery Demands Company

03-31-03Lament of a Lazy Cartoonist


04-01-03Territory Marked

04-02-03Re-Enter the Idiot


04-04-03Teaching Old Nitwits New Tricks

04-05-03No Magic Underwear Jokes At Least

04-06-03Why Children Are the Way They Are

04-07-03Jason’s New Nightmare

04-08-03Explain It All Away

04-09-03She’d Been Too Quiet, Anyway

04-10-03Ulcers, Ho!

04-11-03Serving the Community… a Bill

04-14-03How Things Have Changed

04-15-03Tax Day Crossover

04-16-03Aubrey’s Rising Star

04-17-03Hinting Something?

04-18-03Fine With Butter

04-19-03As Seen on TV

04-20-03The Sweet Taste of Turmoil pt 1

04-21-03The Sweet Taste of Turmoil pt 2

04-22-03Caring and Sharing

04-23-03A Tender Moment

04-24-03Drinks & Advice

04-25-03The Comic With No Name

04-26-03A Challenge

04-27-03Closet Kitty

04-28-03May Pole pt 1

04-29-03May Pole pt 2

04-30-03May Pole pt 3


05-01-03May Pole pt 4

05-02-03May Pole pt 5

05-03-03May Pole pt 6

05-04-03Fragile Flirtations

05-05-03Heaven and Hell

05-06-03Goodbye, But Please Don’t Go pt 1

05-07-03Goodbye, But Please Don’t Go pt 2

05-08-03Goodbye, But Please Don’t Go pt 3

05-09-03Goodbye, But Please Don’t Go pt 4

05-10-03Parting Words

05-11-03Frayed Faye pt 1

05-12-03Frayed Faye pt 2

05-13-03Frayed Faye pt 3

05-14-03Frayed Faye pt 4

05-15-03Frayed Faye pt 5

05-16-03A Scar Is Born pt 1

05-17-03A Scar Is Born pt 2

05-18-03A Scar Is Born pt 3

05-19-03A Scar Is Born pt 4

05-20-03A Scar Is Born pt 5

05-21-03A Scar Is Born pt 6

05-23-03A Scar Is Born pt 7

05-24-03Thinking About It Only Causes Problems

05-25-03Square 1 pt 1

05-26-03Square 1 pt 2

05-27-03Square 1 pt 3

05-28-03Square 1 pt 4

05-29-03Square 1 pt 5

05-30-03Square 1 pt 6

05-31-03Cruelty to Animals


06-01-03Kiss of Death

06-02-03Up, Up and Away pt 1

06-03-03Up, Up and Away pt 2

06-04-03Up, Up and Away pt 3

06-05-03Up, Up and Away pt 4

06-06-03Up, Up and Away pt 5

06-07-03Click, Click….

06-08-03The Great Lion Hunt of ’49 pt 1

06-09-03The Great Lion Hunt of ’49 pt 2

06-10-03The Great Lion Hunt of ’49 pt 3

06-11-03The Great Lion Hunt of ’49 pt 4

06-12-03The Great Lion Hunt of ’49 pt 5

06-15-03PeeJee Restarts pt 1

06-16-03PeeJee Restarts pt 2

06-17-03PeeJee Restarts pt 3

06-18-03PeeJee Restarts pt 4

06-19-03PeeJee Restarts pt 5

06-20-03PeeJee Restarts pt 6

06-21-03One Less Person Allowed to Work for White Wolf

06-22-03Unfunny Cavemen Shouldn’t Throw Stones

06-29-03Sit, Boyfriend, Sit

06-30-03The Best Laid Plans pt 1


07-01-03The Best Laid Plans pt 2

07-02-03The Best Laid Plans pt 3

07-03-03The Best Laid Plans pt 4

07-04-03The Best Laid Plans pt 5

07-05-03The Best Laid Plans pt 6

07-06-03The Best Laid Plans pt 7

07-07-03The Best Laid Plans pt 8

07-08-03Crisis of the Infinite Aubreys

07-09-03Now With Kung-Fu Bitching Action

07-10-03Pecking Order

07-11-03Times, They Are A-Changin’

07-12-03Reefer Man

07-13-03Family Tree pt 1

07-14-03The Debate Rages On

07-15-03Q & A

07-17-03Watership Aubrey

07-18-03Cordially Invited


07-20-03Digging Up the Family Tree


07-22-03Open Door Policy


07-24-03Over Coffee

07-25-03Reaching Agreement



07-28-03Tears of a Clown

07-29-03Inhale Deeply

07-30-03Online or Offline

07-31-03Deja Vu


08-01-03Before the Storm

08-02-03Mike’s Game pt 1

08-03-03Mike’s Game pt 2

08-04-03Mike’s Game pt 3

08-05-03Mike’s Game pt 4

08-06-03Mike’s Game pt 5

08-07-03Mike’s Game pt 6

08-08-03Mike’s Game pt 7

08-08-03No Comics – Randy was away

08-17-03Supper pt 1

08-18-03Supper pt 2

08-19-03Supper pt 3

08-20-03Supper pt 4

08-21-03Supper pt 5

08-22-03Supper pt 6

08-23-03Pull the Strings!

08-24-03Wish Upon This Star

08-31-03I Yam What I Yam


09-03-03Run, Jhim, Run pt 1

09-05-03Run, Jhim, Run pt 2

09-06-03Run, Jhim, Run pt 3


09-10-03Sad Choo-Choo In Snow

09-14-03Love Tumble pt 1

09-15-03Love Tumble pt 2

09-16-03Love Tumble pt 3

09-17-03Love Tumble pt 4


09-20-03Love Tumble pt 5

09-21-03Love Tumble pt 6

09-22-03Love Tumble pt 7

09-23-03Long Time, No See

09-24-03Come and Play

09-27-03Take This Job….

09-28-03Even It Out

09-30-03Sing… Sing a Song


10-02-03Aubrey Explains It All


10-07-03Pin Up Filler

10-08-03Alienate Others

10-09-03Emote This



10-13-03Long Ride pt 1

10-14-03Long Ride pt 2

10-15-03Long Ride pt 3

10-17-03Ubercon Filler Strip #1

10-20-03Long Ride pt 4

10-21-03Long Ride pt 5

10-22-03Long Ride pt 6

10-25-03Long Ride pt 7

10-26-03Long Ride pt 8

10-27-03Positively Scandalous pt 1

10-28-03Positively Scandalous pt 2

10-29-03Positively Scandalous pt 3

10-30-03Positively Scandalous pt 4

10-31-03Positively Scandalous pt 5


11-01-03Positively Scandalous pt 6

11-02-03The Sound of Standing Up pt 1

11-03-03The Sound of Standing Up pt 2

11-04-03The Sound of Standing Up pt 3

11-05-03The Sound of Standing Up pt 4

11-06-03The Sound of Standing Up pt 5



11-09-03The Apple Falls pt 1

11-10-03The Apple Falls pt 2

11-11-03The Apple Falls pt 3

11-12-03The Apple Falls pt 4

11-13-03The Apple Falls pt 5

11-14-03The Apple Falls pt 6

11-15-03Time Killer

11-23-03Thankful pt 1

11-24-03Thankful pt 2

11-25-03Thankful pt 3

11-26-03Thankful pt 4

11-27-03Thankful pt 5

11-28-03Thankful pt 6

11-29-03Thankful pt 7

11-30-03Game Night pt 1


12-01-03Game Night pt 2

12-02-03Game Night pt 3

12-03-03Game Night pt 4

12-04-03Game Night pt 5

12-05-03Game Night pt 6

12-06-03Game Night pt 7

12-07-03Free to a Good Home pt 1

12-08-03Free to a Good Home pt 2

12-09-03Free to a Good Home pt 3

12-10-03Free to a Good Home pt 4


12-12-03Ho Ho No pt 1

12-13-03Ho Ho No pt 2

12-14-03Ho Ho No pt 3

12-15-03Ho Ho No pt 4

12-16-03Ho Ho No pt 5

12-19-03Last One To Leave….

12-22-03Old Familiar Faces pt 1

12-23-03Old Familiar Faces pt 2

12-24-03Old Familiar Faces pt 3

12-25-03Old Familiar Faces pt 4

12-28-03Guest Week II pt 1

12-29-03Guest Week II pt 2

12-30-03Guest Week II pt 3

12-31-03Guest Week II pt 4

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