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01-01-04Guest Week II pt 5

01-02-04Guest Week II pt 6

01-03-04Guest Week II pt 7

01-04-04Guest Week II pt 8

01-05-04While You Were Gone/Problematic pt 1

01-06-04Problematic pt 2/Mommy Matters pt 1

01-07-04Problematic pt 3

01-09-04Confection Affection


01-12-04Screams in Pastel

01-16-04Rough Sketch, Rougher Humor pt 1 and 2

01-19-04Beware… BEWARE!

01-20-04Make Room for Daddy pt 1 and 2

01-22-04Make Room for Daddy pt 3

01-23-04Make Room for Daddy pt 4

01-24-04Make Room for Daddy pt 5

01-25-04Make Room for Daddy pt 6

01-26-04Make Room for Daddy pt 7

01-27-04Make Room for Daddy pt 8


02-02-04“Randy’s in Pain” Filler Art pt 1

02-03-04“Randy’s in Pain” Filler Art pt 2

02-04-04“Randy’s Cracked Out on Pain Killers” Filler Art pt 1

02-06-04Last Filler Sketch for a While

02-08-04Stuck on Friend Duty pt 1

02-09-04Stuck on Friend Duty pt 2

02-10-04Stuck on Friend Duty pt 3

02-11-04Stuck on Friend Duty pt 4

02-12-04Stuck on Friend Duty pt 5

02-13-04Stuck on Friend Duty pt 6

02-14-04Lament of a “Nice Guy” pt 1

02-15-04Lament of a “Nice Guy” pt 2

02-16-04Lament of a “Nice Guy” pt 3

02-17-04Lament of a “Nice Guy” pt 4

02-24-04Critical Miss-tress pt 1

02-25-04Critical Miss-tress pt 2

02-26-04Critical Miss-tress pt 3

02-27-04Critical Miss-tress pt 4

02-28-04Critical Miss-tress pt 5

02-29-04Critical Miss-tress pt 6


03-01-04Critical Miss-tress pt 7

03-08-04Burying and Planting pt 1

03-09-04Burying and Planting pt 2

03-10-04Burying and Planting pt 3

03-11-04Burying and Planting pt 4

03-12-04Burying and Planting pt 5

03-13-04Burying and Planting pt 6

03-14-04Aubrey Does Safety pt 1

03-15-04Aubrey Does Safety pt 2

03-16-04Dream, Little One, Dream

03-24-04Guilt By Association pt 1

03-25-04Guilt By Association pt 2

03-26-04Guilt By Association pt 3

03-27-04Guilt By Association pt 4

03-28-04Guilt By Association pt 5

03-29-04Guilt By Association pt 6

03-30-04Guilt By Association pt 7

03-31-04Cat Fantasies


04-01-04Casting Call

04-02-04Where the Wild Things Fuck

04-03-04Up and Down, Up and Down

04-08-04The Perils of Elf Girls pt 1

04-09-04The Perils of Elf Girls pt 2

04-10-04The Perils of Elf Girls pt 3

04-11-04The Perils of Elf Girls pt 4

04-12-04The Perils of Elf Girls pt 5

04-13-04The Perils of Elf Girls pt 6

04-14-04The Perils of Elf Girls pt 7


04-16-04The Perils of Elf Girls pt 8


04-18-04Confessions of an Unused Mind pt 1

04-19-04Confessions of an Unused Mind pt 2

04-20-04Confessions of an Unused Mind pt 3

04-21-04Confessions of an Unused Mind pt 4


04-23-04Queen of Wrongs pt 1

04-24-04Queen of Wrongs pt 2

04-25-04Queen of Wrongs pt 3

04-26-04Queen of Wrongs pt 4

04-27-04Queen of Wrongs pt 5


05-07-04Let Them Beat Cake

05-08-04Satan Seller

05-09-04Mama’s Boy

05-10-04Kestrel’s Panties Don’t Live Here Anymore pt 1

05-11-04Kestrel’s Panties Don’t Live Here Anymore pt 2

05-12-04Kestrel’s Panties Don’t Live Here Anymore pt 3

05-13-04Kestrel’s Panties Don’t Live Here Anymore pt 4

05-14-04Kestrel’s Panties Don’t Live Here Anymore pt 5

05-15-04Kestrel’s Panties Don’t Live Here Anymore pt 6

05-16-04Wedding Bells of DOOM!

05-17-04Mike Steps Out pt 1

05-18-04Mike Steps Out pt 2

05-19-04Mike Steps Out pt 3

05-20-04Mike Steps Out pt 4

05-21-04Mike Steps Out pt 5

05-22-04Mike Steps Out pt 6

05-23-04Mike Steps Out pt 7

05-24-04Mike Steps Out pt 8

05-25-04Mike Steps Out pt 9

05-26-04Mike Steps Out pt 10

05-27-04How to Give Bad News

05-28-04Rings pt 1

05-29-04Rings pt 2

05-30-04Rings pt 3

05-31-04Rings pt 4


06-01-04Rings pt 5

06-02-04Made For Each Other pt 1

06-03-04Made For Each Other pt 2

06-04-04Made For Each Other pt 3

06-05-04Made For Each Other pt 4

06-06-04Made For Each Other pt 5

06-07-04Made For Each Other pt 6

06-08-04Made For Each Other pt 7

06-09-04Dial-A-Aubrey pt 1

06-10-04Dial-A-Aubrey pt 2

06-11-04Dial-A-Aubrey pt 3

06-12-04Dial-A-Aubrey pt 4

06-13-04A Lazy Comic.

06-14-04Dial-A-Aubrey pt 5

06-15-04Dial-A-Aubrey pt 6

06-16-04Girlfriend on the Go pt 1

06-17-04Girlfriend on the Go pt 2

06-18-04Girlfriend on the Go pt 3




07-13-04The Dumbest Idea in Webcomics

07-14-04Meeting Dad pt 1

07-15-04Meeting Dad pt 2

07-16-04Dexcon Filler pt 1

07-17-04Dexcon Filler pt 2

07-19-04Meeting Dad pt 3

07-20-04Meeting Dad pt 4

07-21-04Meeting Dad pt 5

07-22-04Meeting Dad pt 6

07-23-04Meeting Dad pt 7


07-27-04The Audition Process pt 1

07-28-04PeeJee’s First American Election pt 1

07-29-04PeeJee’s First American Election p2

07-30-04The Audition Process pt 2

07-31-04The Audition Process pt 3


08-01-04The Audition Process pt 4

08-02-04The Audition Process pt 5

08-03-04The Audition Process pt 6

08-04-04The Audition Process pt 7

08-05-04Our Book pt 1

08-06-04Our Book pt 2

08-07-04Our Book pt 3

08-08-04Our Book pt 4

08-09-04Our Book pt 5

08-10-04Our Book pt 6

08-11-04Our Book pt 7

08-12-04Useful Rage pt 1

08-13-04Useful Rage pt 2

08-14-04Useful Rage pt 3

08-15-04Useful Rage pt 5

08-16-04Kestrel Does Boston pt 1

08-17-04Kestrel Does Boston pt 2

08-18-04Kestrel Does Boston pt 3

08-19-04Kestrel Does Boston pt 4

08-20-04Kestrel Does Boston pt 5

08-21-04How Pepito Got His Groove

08-22-04Lost and Found


08-24-04First Rehearsal pt 1

08-25-04First Rehearsal pt 2

08-26-04First Rehearsal pt 3

08-27-04First Rehearsal pt 4

08-28-04Rotten Son

08-29-04Ride the Pony

08-30-04First Rehearsal pt 5

08-31-04First Rehearsal pt 6


09-01-04Just Another Day

09-02-04Semantics As Religion

09-03-04Let a Man Drink in Peace

09-04-04Moral Morse Code

09-05-04A Comic I Phoned In

09-06-04We Maul the Ones We Love

09-07-04Sometimes She’s a Person

09-08-04Close-Out pt 1

09-09-04Close-Out pt 2

09-10-04Close-Out pt 3

09-11-04Close-Out pt 4

09-12-04Promise Me

09-13-04Revisions pt 1

09-14-04Revisions pt 2

09-15-04Revisions pt 3

09-16-04Revisions pt 4

09-17-04Revisions pt 5

09-18-04Revisions pt 6

09-19-04Revisions pt 7

09-20-04First and Last pt 1

09-21-04First and Last pt 2

09-22-04First and Last pt 3

09-23-04Last Bit of Light

09-24-04The Will pt 1

09-25-04The Will pt 2

09-26-04The Will pt 3

09-27-04The Will pt 4

09-28-04The Thought That Counts

09-28-04Misery Hates Company

09-30-04Jumping Into the Shallow End


10-01-04“Buts” Don’t Make It Better

10-02-04Just Needs a “Welcome” Tattoo

10-03-04No One Visits in the Daytime


10-05-04The Mind is Willing

10-06-04Class of Ninety-Bore pt 1

10-07-04Class of Ninety-Bore pt 2

10-08-04Class of Ninety-Bore pt 3

10-09-04Class of Ninety-Bore pt 4

10-10-04Class of Ninety-Bore pt 5

10-11-04Class of Ninety-Bore pt 6

10-12-04Class of Ninety-Bore pt 7

10-13-04Class of Ninety-Bore pt 8

10-14-04Just a Quick Hello

10-15-04Anna’s First Job pt 1

10-16-04Anna’s First Job pt 2

10-17-04Anna’s First Job pt 3

10-18-04Anna’s First Job pt 4

10-19-04Anna’s First Job pt 5

10-20-04Anna’s First Job pt 6

10-21-04I get it! He Hates Mondays!

10-22-04Treated pt 1

10-23-04Treated pt 2

10-24-04Treated pt 3

10-25-04Treated pt 4

10-26-04Treated pt 5

10-27-04Treated pt 6

10-28-04Treated pt 7

10-29-04Treated pt 8

10-30-04Treated pt 9

10-31-04What Friendship is Made Of


11-01-04Down to the Wire

11-02-04Usurping pt 1

11-03-04Usurping pt 2

11-04-04Old Roads Best Left Alone

11-05-04Women Studies 101

11-06-04The Definition of Leadership

11-07-04Usurping pt 3

11-08-04Loose End

11-09-04One Closed Door

11-10-04Too Far

11-11-04Hungry For Revenge


11-13-04When to Walk Away pt 1

11-14-04When to Walk Away pt 2

11-15-04When to Walk Away pt 3

11-16-04When to Walk Away pt 4

11-17-04How the Other Half Get Drunk pt 1

11-18-04How the Other Half Get Drunk pt 2

11-19-04How the Other Half Get Drunk pt 3

11-20-04Everyone Loves Pussy

11-21-04Kyle Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

11-22-04Garbage Killed the Video Star

11-23-04A Mother Worries

11-24-04Never Work With Friends



11-27-04Aubrey to the Rescue

11-28-04Pepito Explains It All


11-30-04Christmas Memories


12-01-04Look at Little Sister pt 1

12-02-04Look at Little Sister pt 2


12-04-04The Comfort Zone


12-06-04Return of the Reefer Man


12-08-04Gathering Courage


12-10-04The Old Apartment

12-11-04Hell’s Bells

12-12-04Subtle Like a Kick to the Face

12-13-04Taking a Chance

12-14-04Fearful Honesty

12-15-04Time to Go


12-17-04Aubrey’s Guide to Dating


12-19-04When to Shut Your Fucking Mouth

12-20-04Old Familiar Faces III pt 1

12-21-04Old Familiar Faces III pt 2

12-22-04Old Familiar Faces III pt 3

12-23-04Old Familiar Faces III pt 4

12-24-04Old Familiar Faces III pt 5

12-25-04Old Familiar Faces III pt 6

12-26-04The Birthday Girl pt 1

12-27-04The Birthday Girl pt 2

12-28-04The Birthday Girl pt 3

12-29-04The Birthday Girl pt 4

12-30-04The Birthday Girl pt 5

12-31-04The Birthday Girl pt 6

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