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01-01-06Monette Steps Out pt 1

01-02-06Monette Steps Out pt 2

01-03-06Monette Steps Out pt 3

01-04-06Monette Steps Out pt 4

01-05-06Monette Steps Out pt 5


01-07-06A Grip on the Situation pt 1

01-08-06A Grip on the Situation pt 2

01-09-06A Grip on the Situation pt 3

01-10-06A Grip on the Situation pt 4

01-11-06A Grip on the Situation pt 5

01-12-06A Grip on the Situation pt 6

01-13-06A Grip on the Situation pt 7

01-14-06A Grip on the Situation pt 8

01-23-06Just Today pt 1

01-24-06Just Today pt 2

01-25-06Just Today pt 3

01-26-06Just Today pt 4

01-27-06Just Today pt 5


01-29-06Zot pt 1

01-30-06Zot pt 2

01-31-06Zot pt 3


02-01-06Zot pt 4

02-02-06Zot pt 5

02-03-06Zot pt 6

02-04-06Zot pt 7

02-05-06Say Your Peace

02-09-06The News

02-10-06Combustible Guest Strip

02-11-06Another Guest Strip

02-12-06See, Randy Went on a Trip…

02-13-06… and got sick.

02-14-06Such is life.

02-15-06The Family Adjusts


02-17-06Heroes in Times of Need

02-18-06Meanwhile, Dave….

02-19-06“Oh, did I mention…?”

02-20-06Moving and Musing

02-21-06Kharismatic pt 1

02-22-06Kharismatic pt 2

02-23-06Kharismatic pt 3

02-24-06Kharismatic pt 4

02-25-06Kharismatic pt 5

02-26-06Kharismatic pt 6


03-01-06Let Them Wear Cake

03-02-06A Little More Mike pt 1

03-03-06A Little More Mike pt 2

03-04-06A Little More Mike pt 3

03-05-06A Little More Mike pt 4

03-06-06A Little More Mike pt 5

03-07-06A Little More Mike pt 6

03-08-06Calling Home pt 1

03-10-06Calling Home pt 2

03-11-06Calling Home pt 3

03-13-06Calling Home pt 4

03-15-06Calling Home pt 5b

03-17-06Calling Home pt 6

03-19-06Calling Home pt 7

03-21-06Calling Home pt 8

03-23-06Calling Home pt 9

03-25-06Anna’s Assault pt 1

03-26-06Anna’s Assault pt 2

03-27-06Anna’s Assault pt 3

03-28-06Anna’s Assault pt 4

03-29-06Anna’s Assault pt 5

03-30-06Anna’s Assault pt 6


04-01-06Anna’s Assault pt 7

04-02-06Home on the Ranged Attack pt 1

04-03-06Home on the Ranged Attack pt 2

04-07-06Home on the Ranged Attack pt 3

04-10-06Home on the Ranged Attack pt 4

04-14-06Home on the Ranged Attack pt 5

04-17-06Home on the Ranged Attack pt 6

04-20-06Home on the Ranged Attack pt 7


05-09-06The First Date pt 1

05-10-06The First Date pt 2

05-12-06The First Date pt 3

05-17-06Happy Returns

05-18-06Spending Time




05-23-06Trying to Help


05-26-06Kids Today

05-27-06Change of Character

05-28-06Promises Kept

05-29-06Former Lovers

05-30-06The More Things Change…


06-01-06Cab’s Worry

06-02-06He’s That Kid

06-03-06On the Wrong Foot

06-06-06Blame and Wonder

06-07-06Change of Venue

06-08-06The Tutors

06-09-06Who We Are pt 1

06-11-06Who We Are pt 2

06-12-06Who We Are pt 3

06-14-06Who We Are pt 4

06-16-06Who We Are pt 5

06-18-06Another Tragedy pt 1

06-19-06Another Tragedy pt 2

06-20-06Another Tragedy pt 3

06-21-06Another Tragedy pt 4

06-22-06The Dragon Queen

06-24-06Another Tragedy pt 5

06-25-06Another Tragedy pt 6

06-26-06Another Tragedy pt 7

06-27-06Another Tragedy pt 8

06-28-06Another Tragedy pt 9

06-29-06Fatherly Laments

06-30-06Choked Up pt 1


07-01-06Choked Up pt 2

07-02-06Choked Up pt 3

07-03-06Choked Up pt 4

07-04-06Choked Up pt 5

07-05-06Choked Up pt 6

07-06-06Choked Up pt 7

07-07-06Dragonlanced pt 1

07-08-06Dragonlanced pt 2

07-09-06More Q&A pt 1

07-10-06More Q&A pt 2

07-12-06More Q&A pt 3

07-14-06The Change Over pt 1

07-15-06The Change Over pt 2

07-16-06The Change Over pt 3

07-17-06The Change Over pt 4

07-18-06The Change Over pt 5

07-19-06The Womb of Insanity

07-21-06A Friend in Need

07-22-06Dream, Little One, Dream


07-24-06Assigning Blame

07-25-06Eyes Open

07-26-06Yesterday’s Dead Love

07-27-06Swallowing Success


07-29-06The New Plan

07-31-06A Family Affair



08-06-06Darkness Rising

08-09-06Little Surprises


08-14-06Games of Chance

08-15-06Solo Celebration

08-16-06Someone to Tell

08-18-06Closed Doors

08-21-06Ghost of a Texas Ladies’ Man

08-22-06Baby’s Breath

08-23-06Let’s Fight Like Friends

08-24-06The Changes Ahead

08-25-06Birth of a Sentence

08-26-06What is Good in Life?

08-27-06Poor Choices

08-28-06Race War pt 1

08-29-06Planning Disasters Ahead

08-30-06Texas Marriage Massacre pt 1

08-31-06Texas Marriage Massacre pt 2


09-01-06Texas Marriage Massacre pt 3

09-02-06Texas Marriage Massacre pt 4

09-03-06Oh, T-Bob.

09-04-06Texas Marriage Massacre pt 5

09-05-06Texas Marriage Massacre pt 6

09-06-06Texas Marriage Massacre pt 7

09-07-06Texas Marriage Massacre pt 8

09-08-06Texas Marriage Massacre pt 9

09-09-06Texas Marriage Massacre pt 10

09-11-06Texas Marriage Massacre pt 11

09-13-06Texas Marriage Massacre pt 12

09-15-06Texas Marriage Massacre pt 13

09-17-06Busted pt 1

09-19-06Busted pt 2

09-20-06Stress Reliever

09-21-06Final Touches

09-22-06Mike’s Kid pt 1

09-23-06Mike’s Kid pt 2

09-24-06Mike’s Kid pt 3

09-25-06Mike’s Kid pt 4

09-26-06Mike’s Kid pt 5

09-28-06Mike’s Kid pt 6

09-29-06Mike’s Kid pt 7

09-30-06Mike’s Kid pt 8


10-01-06Mike’s Kid pt 9

10-02-06The Kids Are All Right

10-03-06Father and Daughter

10-04-06A-Haunting We Will Go

10-05-06Holy Ghost Stories pt 1

10-06-06Holy Ghost Stories pt 2

10-08-06Holy Ghost Stories pt 3

10-10-06Holy Ghost Stories pt 4

10-13-06Holy Ghost Stories pt 5

10-15-06Holy Ghost Stories pt 6

10-17-06Holy Ghost Stories pt 7

10-19-06Holy Ghost Stories pt 8

10-21-06How the “Other” Half Live pt 1

10-23-06How the “Other” Half Live pt 2

10-25-06How the “Other” Half Live pt 3

10-27-06How the “Other” Half Live pt 4

10-29-06How the “Other” Half Live pt 5

10-31-06How the “Other” Half Live pt 6


11-02-06How the “Other” Half Live pt 7


11-06-06Watching Over PeeJee pt 1

11-07-06Watching Over PeeJee pt 2

11-08-06Watching Over PeeJee pt 3

11-11-06Watching Over PeeJee pt 4

11-12-06Around Here

11-13-06Cornucrapia pt 1

11-15-06Cornucrapia pt 2

11-16-06Cornucrapia pt 3


11-19-06Funeral Invitation

11-20-06Little Black Dress

11-21-06Jason’s Dream

11-23-06How It Started

11-24-06Black Friday

11-25-06Ashes to Ashes pt 1

11-27-06Ashes to Ashes pt 2

11-29-06Ashes to Ashes pt 3


12-01-06Ashes to Ashes pt 4

12-03-06Ashes to Ashes pt 5

12-05-06Ashes to Ashes pt 6

12-06-06Ashes to Ashes pt 7

12-13-06Green Lights Dimming

12-14-06Toy Stores

12-15-06PeeJee as Cassandra

12-16-06First Christmas Without

12-17-06Remember Donna? pt 1

12-18-06Remember Donna? pt 2

12-19-06Christmas is For Children

12-20-06Fast Rippy Sketch

12-21-06Gaming Comics

12-22-06Because Mom Said To

12-25-06Santa’s Customer Service

12-26-06New Friend

12-28-06Something to Love On

12-29-06Listen Up, Manny

12-30-06What You Wish For

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