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01-02-08Filler Comics 2007 pt 6

01-04-08Filler Comics 2007 pt 7

01-08-08Old Familiar Faces VI pt 1

01-09-08Old Familiar Faces VI pt 2

01-10-08Old Familiar Faces VI pt 3

01-11-08Old Familiar Faces VI pt 4

01-12-08Old Familiar Faces VI pt 5

01-13-08Old Familiar Faces VI pt 6

01-14-08PeeJee’s Proposal pt 1

01-15-08PeeJee’s Proposal pt 2

01-16-08PeeJee’s Proposal pt 3

01-17-08Yo, Ho

01-18-08Know the Rules

01-19-08Hold Your Fire


01-21-08A First Meeting pt 1

01-22-08A First Meeting pt 2

01-23-08A First Meeting pt 3

01-24-08A First Meeting pt 4

01-28-08Nipped in the Bud

01-29-08By Scent

01-30-08Ghosts of Good Times Past

01-31-08Lest We Forget



02-02-08Questions Asked Needlessly

02-03-08Yelling into the Vacuum

02-04-08Get To Know Your Stripper

02-05-08Best Kept to Yourself

02-06-08Their Target Audience

02-07-08Said vs Heard

02-08-08Fan Mail

02-12-08Steve Gerber

02-13-08Alan Moore

02-14-08Valentine’s Vacation

02-14-08The Beast Reawakens

02-15-08A Place for Memories

02-16-08Future Plans

02-17-08Future Visits

02-18-08Geekly Faux Pas

02-25-08A Bad Patient

02-26-08Flash in the Pan

02-27-08Cats and the Ill




03-04-08And Then He Snapped

03-05-08Coming to Terms

03-06-08Calling in Favors


03-08-08Nerd Noir

03-09-08Casting Call




03-13-08Stage Kisses

03-14-08Influencing Kids

03-15-08What Moms Say


03-17-08Born to Play

03-18-08Easter Bunnies


03-23-08Finding Eggs

03-24-08Customer Serviced pt 1

03-25-08Customer Serviced pt 2

03-26-08Customer Serviced pt 3

03-27-08Customer Serviced pt 4

03-28-08Customer Serviced pt 5

03-29-08Customer Serviced pt 6

03-30-08Musical Tastes

03-31-08Medical Exams


04-01-08Medical History

04-02-08Medical Methods


04-04-08Split Vision

04-05-08Spring Abounds

04-06-08The Long Wait

04-14-08Intent vs. Drive

04-15-08Stranger Out to Find You

04-16-08Texas Cult


04-22-08Life Expectancy


04-24-08Some Good News


04-28-08Light Up!

04-29-08Something Funny

04-30-08Bonding Over Bullets


05-03-08At Least They Were Free


05-05-08Geek Gossip



05-12-08Rory’s Questions pt 1

05-13-08Rory’s Questions pt 2

05-14-08Rory’s Questions pt 3

05-15-08Rory’s Questions pt 4

05-16-08Rory’s Questions pt 5

05-17-08Second Season

05-18-08Based on a True Story pt 1

05-19-08Based on a True Story pt 2

05-20-08Based on a True Story pt 3

05-21-08Based on a True Story pt 4

05-22-08Jason’s Special Friend pt 1

05-23-08Jason’s Special Friend pt 2

05-24-08Jason’s Special Friend pt 3

05-25-08Revisiting Burnt Bridges


05-27-08Vague Understanding

05-28-08Pony Struggles


05-31-08Little Girls and Ponies


06-01-08Future Plans

06-02-08Toddler Fun

06-03-08Those Glasses


06-05-08Hospital Stays

06-06-08Family Traits

06-07-08Old Home Place

06-08-08The Garden Thief

06-09-08The Jailer’s Dilemma

06-10-08A Step Too Far

06-11-08Learning Aids

06-12-08Jobless pt 1

06-13-08Jobless pt 2

06-14-08Butterfly Hunt

06-15-08Jobless pt 3

06-16-08Family Fires


06-18-08Jobless pt 4

06-19-08Jobless pt 5

06-20-08Hand and Foot

06-21-08Repairs and Debts


07-01-08Burning Ears

07-02-08Fireworks pt 1

07-03-08Fireworks pt 2

07-04-08Fireworks pt 3

07-05-08Fireworks pt 4

07-06-08Fireworks pt 5

07-07-08Fireworks pt 6

07-08-08Fireworks pt 7

07-09-08Fireworks pt 8

07-18-08Jobless pt 6

07-21-08Jobless pt 7

07-22-08Comic-Con 2008

07-23-08Comic-Con 2008 Sketches pt 1

07-28-08Jobless pt 8

07-29-08The New Hire

07-30-08Unexpected Mail

07-31-08The Free Food Customer


08-01-08Quiet Admissions

08-02-08Kaws in the Night

08-03-08Liquid Pacifiers

08-04-08Cat vs. Bird

08-05-08Cry, Little Sister

08-11-08Little Sacrifices

08-12-08The Invitation

08-13-08New Horrors to Come


08-16-08This is Currently My World

08-17-08Twenty Years From Now

08-18-08Tomorrow’s Bitching, Today

08-19-08Let It Be

08-20-08So Obvious, So Hidden

08-21-08Store Policy

08-22-08Refilling the Empty Nest

08-25-08Big Houses

08-26-08The Lurking Shadow

08-27-08The Dangers of Meeting Relatives

08-28-08Balls on Stage

08-29-08Fear of Suits

08-30-08Blue Workshirts

08-31-08Not Everything


09-01-08With Great Power

09-02-08Living Up

09-03-08Faith in Beta

09-04-08Dinner Guest

09-06-08Saturday Sketches

09-07-08Sunday Sketches

09-08-08With Good Behavior

09-09-08Love From Afar

09-10-08Experimental Theatre

09-11-08DIY Theatre

09-13-08Saturday Filler

09-15-08Notes and Rage

09-16-08Eva’s Steps pt 1

09-17-08Eva’s Steps pt 2

09-18-08Eva’s Steps pt 3

09-19-08Eva’s Steps pt 4

09-22-08Attention Whoring 101


09-24-08Feathered Touches

09-25-08The Best Sleep

09-26-08Why Texas?


09-30-08Old Men Talking pt 1


10-01-08Old Men Talking pt 2

10-02-08Old Men Talking pt 3

10-06-08Lost in Stupid Thought

10-07-08Thinking Things Through


10-09-08Childhood Revisited

10-10-08Mother & Child Reunion



10-15-08Future Talks, Present Dreads

10-16-08Unusual Orders

10-20-08Costume Redux

10-21-08Traveling Companion

10-22-08Reclaiming the Self

10-23-08Free Buffet

10-24-08Past Experiences

10-25-08Stay Put

10-26-08Half an Hour

10-27-08One Good Turn

10-28-08Yard Confessions

10-31-08Bump in the Night


11-03-08Before It All Went Down

11-04-08Should Something Happen

11-05-08The Day Before pt 1

11-06-08The Day Before pt 2

11-07-08The Day Before pt 3

11-08-08The Day Before pt 4

11-09-08Day One pt 1

11-10-08Day One pt 2

11-11-08Day One pt 3

11-12-08Day One pt 4

11-13-08Day One pt 5

11-14-08Day Two pt 1

11-15-08Day Two pt 2

11-16-08Day Two pt 3

11-17-08Day Two pt 4

11-18-08Kawaii of the Damned pt 1

11-19-08Kawaii of the Damned pt 2

11-20-08Kawaii of the Damned pt 3

11-21-08Kawaii of the Damned pt 4

11-22-08Kawaii of the Damned pt 5

11-23-08Kawaii of the Damned pt 6

11-24-08Kawaii of the Damned pt 7

11-25-08Kawaii of the Damned pt 8

11-26-08Kawaii of the Damned pt 9

11-27-08Kawaii of the Damned pt 10

11-28-08Kawaii of the Damned pt 11

11-29-08Kawaii of the Damned pt 12

11-30-08Walking Away



12-02-08Back to Normal

12-16-08Two Weeks Later

12-17-08Buy Out

12-18-08What You Get

12-19-08The Wake-Up Call

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