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01-04-22My Dark Future

01-07-22It’ll Be Fine

01-14-22Still Here I Think

01-19-22End of Year 20

01-25-22A Lot of Leeway

01-25-22Maybe in College

01-28-22Empty Nest


02-03-22Snow Day Musing


02-10-22Memory Jailbreak

02-11-22Murr in the Night

02-14-22Pondering the Future

02-16-22Possible Buyers

02-19-22Selling to Kim

02-22-22Getting Warm Together

02-23-22Slowly Maturing

02-24-22The Dangers of Icy Roads

02-25-22All Dogs Go….

02-28-22Old Familiar Faces XX pt 1


03-01-22Old Familiar Faces XX pt 2

03-09-22Feeding Strays

03-11-22Exhausted Parent Tips

03-15-22Random Generation

03-16-22Button Masher

03-18-22Parental Hypocrisy

03-21-22Daddy-Daughter Day

03-22-22Holding An Audience Hostage

03-24-22A Gift of Memories

03-25-22Pondering A Donor

03-28-22Organized Labor

03-30-22Monster Lovers

03-30-22The First Second Choice


04-06-22Chomp Chomp Chomp

04-08-22The All Smiles Club

04-13-22Very Bad Live Choices

04-15-22Such Golden Memories

04-20-22A Final Impact

04-22-22The Blank Canvas

04-26-22A Bit Understated

04-29-22Jeff Smith



05-03-22Homebrew Rules

05-09-22Expanding Knowledge

05-11-22Up in the Air

05-13-22Baby Pram


05-18-22Poison Control

05-20-22Puff Puff

05-25-22The Fragile Human Form

05-26-22What Thoughts And Prayers Get Us

05-30-22Welcome to Adulthood



06-06-22Double Scoop of Disappointment

06-08-22Pettiness Gets It Done

06-13-22Pet Costs

06-14-22Available Balance

06-15-22All Better Now

06-16-22Never Giving Up On Pets

06-24-22Just a Tad Annoyed

06-30-22Velma’s New Game



07-04-22A Late Follow-Up

07-08-22Destiny’s Pay Scale

07-12-22New to Reality

07-18-22This Infinite Universe

07-21-22Pin-Up From Beyond

07-22-22A Very Important Appointment

07-28-22GenCon 2022


08-01-22Itsy Bitsy Zombies

08-04-22Stone Cold Looks

08-10-22Convention Prep

08-16-22Junior High Foreshadowing

08-18-22Please Hire

08-24-22Don’t Make This Weird

08-25-22Bored Senseless

08-31-22Such a Good Listener


09-05-22The Beast Stirs

09-07-22Just Not Excited

09-09-22Oh Yeah, That’s Why

09-12-22Hugs and Texts

09-13-22Oh, So You Meant….

09-14-22How Would I Know?!

09-15-22Just Stay Calm, Okay?

09-19-22Not Quite a Masterpiece

09-27-22A Voice on the Wind

09-30-22Nightmares Now and Then


10-04-22Eye of the Tiger

10-10-22Not the Dating Type

10-11-22Get What’s Coming To You

10-12-22Just Kidding Around

10-18-22The Worst Game Series

10-20-22Brand New Gear

10-25-22Well, She Asked

10-26-22Service Industry Humor


11-01-22Changing of the Season

11-04-22Basic Character Creation

11-08-22Thems Wuz the Days

11-11-22How To Succeed in Sports

11-15-22Tiny Fights

11-17-22Adventurous Headwear

11-23-22Start a Better Tradition

11-25-22The Downside of Parenting

11-29-22Plague Cat


12-01-22Wear the Shame

12-08-22Finding Some Motivation

12-15-22All That Could Have Been

12-20-22Year Twenty-One

12-22-22A White Christmas

12-24-22Christmas Gold

12-29-22Tournament of Champions

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