SomethingPositive: About and F.A.Q.
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How to Contact Us
By Snail Mail:
R.K. Milholland
PMB 355
835 East Lamar Blvd.
Arlington, TX 76011 U.S.A.

By Email (General Questions, etc.):
[email protected]; please do not send any con information and invites or ad sales inquiries to this email address as it receives a lot of mail a day and might not be seen. All con-related requests or ad inquiries should be sent to one of the next two email addresses.

By Email (Positive*Thinkers Store):
[email protected]; Currently, I’m running the store on my lonesome and that makes me slowish to reply. I apologize for that. That being said, if it’s in regard to an order (just placed, missing, last minute changes, etc.) please include your PayPal information (transaction number, the email address you purchased with). If you’ve not received your order within 30 days of purchase, please contact us – even international orders should arrive within a month.

Michael D. Garcia, [email protected]

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