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Only in Flashbacks – Deceased Cast Members (in alphabetical order):

Scotty Scotty Harris

Scotty was one of Aubrey and Davan’s childhood friends. Unlike Aubrey, Davan stayed close to Scotty even after moving to Boston in 1999. But Scotty changed a lot and felt a lot of frustrations and abandonment. Davan still visits Scotty’s grave regularly to have chats.

First Appearance: “This is How We Say Goodbye” pt 2, Apr. 16, 2002.
Faye Faye MacIntire

The long-suffering mother of Davan, Dahlia, and (by adoption) Monette, and even longer suffering wife of Fred, Faye was often the voice of reason and compassion. She held both a great deal of hope and conviction for her beliefs, trying hard to set a good example. Despite her seeming innocence, Faye had a tongue just as sharp as her husband’s and held her own rather well.

First Appearance: “Texas Trek” pt 2, Mar. 12, 2002.
Jesus Mickey Jesus Mickey

Little is known about Jesus Mickey partly because no one cared to learn anything about him. He dressed like the Christian Messiah for attention and annoyed people. He held a grudge against T-Bob. And he didn’t come back on the third day, proving he was a considerably lacking Jesus imitator.

First Appearance: “Do This in Remembrance of Me… Baby”, Jan. 30, 2002.
Avagadro Avagadro Pompey

Avagadro was the director from every actor’s nightmares. Abusive, condescending, and rife with sexual anomalies and abuses best left undiscussed, Avagadro blighted the Boston theatre scene for decades until failing health finally slowed him down. His nephew and victim, Ollie, is doing his best to preserve and cleanse Avagadro’s legacy.

First Appearance: “Yet Another Goddamn Theatre Store” pt 4, Aug. 29, 2002.
Pepito Pepito Sanchezberg

This is what is known of Pepito’s history: Avagadro won him in a bet from a monastery somewhere in Campeche. Avagadro only allowed Pepito to learn Spanish, and learn it badly at that. It’s highly doubtful he was even Mexican. Choo-Choo Bear abducted Pepito from Avagadro and the rest of the cast freed him. Over time, Pepito would return and vanish randomly, learning English and, more importantly, learning how to be a horrible dick to anyone who’d ever shown kindness to him.

First Appearance: “Yet Another Goddamn Theatre Store” pt 4, Aug. 29, 2002.
Twitchy-Hug Twitchy-Hug

Twitchy-Hug was Choo-Choo Bear’s cousin who showed up for a visit and never left. Skittish and a tad feral, Twitchy-Hug was a source of frustration and, according to some, population control. But then one day he blew up.

First Appearance: “Q&A”, Jul. 15/16, 2003.
Rose Rose Vincent

Rose was the fourth constant friend in Aubrey and Davan’s little group as kids. She was also Davan’s first real kiss and girlfriend. As she got older, she spiraled into depression and drinking. The fact two of their childhood friends are on this list should warn you: if you want to live a long, healthy life, don’t be a childhood friend to Aubrey or Davan.

First Appearance: “Home Sweet — Fuck” pt 4, Dec. 19, 2002.
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